School of Nursing and Healthcare Professions

Dr Joanne Porter

Phone: (03) 5122 6440
Room: 2W139
Position: Senior Lecturer
Discipline: Nursing


  • Doctor Of Philosophy (PhD) Monash University, 2014
  • Graduate Diploma In Health Services Management Charles Sturt University, 2010
  • Graduate Cert In Higher Education Monash University, 2007
  • Master Of Nursing Monash University, 2002
  • Grad Diploma Of Nursing (Critical care) Monash University, 1997
  • Bachelor Of Nursing Monash University, 1993

Teaching areas

  • Honours, Masters and PhD supervision
  • Appreciating Research and Scholarship
  • Acute Care Nursing Practice

Professional associations

  • Australian Nursing Board Registration – Registered Nurse (Div1)
  • Singapore Nursing Board Registration
  • CENA – College of Emergency Nursing Australasian
  • RCNA – Royal College of Nursing
  • ANF – Australian Nursing Federation
  • ARNM - Australian Rural Nurses and Midwifes
  • Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International – Number 1242260

Grants and awards


  • 2015 – Porter, J. Chung, C. Raymond, A. Miller, N. Giannis, A. Interaction with family of acutely unwell patients using the ER-DRIP approach: The development of an online simulation education program. - $7692 CLIPP Mini Grant Federation University.
  • 2015 - Klein. B, Foale. C, Lauder. S, McLaren. S, Charchar. F, Meyer. D, Porter. J, Clinnick. L, Denham. J, Mitchell. J, Gill. P, Eime. R, Mesagno. C, Temple. E. Improving Wellness: A randomised controlled trial comparing the Mindfulness eHealth and Physical Activity eHealth programs – $5000 Faculty Research Grant.
  • 2014 – Cooper, S. Porter, J. Hopmans, R. Cant, R. Bogossian, F. (2014). Awarded $18,000 for a Learning and Teaching research grant (Monash University) titled: "Managing serious illness – advanced educational software for health professionals"
  • 2014 – Porter, J. Cooper, S. Cant, R (Research Fellow), Roberts, K. Wilson, I. Benton, G. (2014). Monash University Berwick Campus grant of $15,000 "The Team Emergency Assessment Measure: Validity, Reliability and Feasibility testing in clinical resuscitation teams: A collaborative project between Monash University, Central Gippsland Health Service and Northeast Health"
  • 2014 – Cooper, S. NestaI, D. Porter, J. Ireland, S. Connell, C. Symmonds, M. Awarded $15,000 for your project titled "The Team Emergency Assessment Measure: Validity, Reliability and Feasibility testing in clinical resuscitation teams: A translational collaboration with Monash University, Monash & Alfred Health". Faculty Strategic Grant Scheme 2014 – Strategic Project Grant – SPG-S 012
  • 2011 – Cooper, S, Porter, J. Cant, R. McKenna, L. Kinsman, L. Endacot, R. Fox-Young, S. Scholes, J. Whitely, P. De Veries, B. ID11-1914. Managing patient deterioration: Enhancing student nurses' competence through on line simulation and feedback techniques (the FIRST2ACT program) ALTC $211,000
  • 2008 – Cooper, S., Nestrel, D., Sellick. K., Somers. G., Kinsman. L., Porter. J., Monash University Gippsland Small Grant Research Support Scheme. Resuscitation Team Work: Assessment measures and training scheme development. $19,893
  • Porter, J,.Monash University Bursary Grant. Developing an undergraduate nursing clinical evaluation form. $2,500
  • 2010 – Birks, M. Mills, J, Porter, J & Coyle, M. Australian and Malaysian Government Grant: to conduct a series of research seminars in Malaysia and Borneo. $21,000
  • 2009 - Cooper, S., Birks, M. & Porter, J. Department of Human Services. Program evaluation of the Certificate of Advanced Rural and Remote Primary Health Care. $14,985
  • 2009 – Cooper, S, Porter, J. Birks, M. & Kinsman, L. Department of Human Services. Primary education and research consultancy for development of advanced rural and remote health care programme. $12,253
  • 2007 – Birks, M, Mills, J. Francis, K. Chapman, Y & Porter, J. Australian and Malaysian Government Grant. Introduction of research concepts a series of research seminars and workshops in Malaysia and Borneo. $17,500


  • Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) Applicant ID: 232192 – APA stipend of $23,728 per annum (2012 Full time rate) Commenced Feb 2012 for the duration of 18 months completion date 6th October 2013.
  • Golden Apple Teaching Award – Monash University Gippsland Campus. 2013 NUR2002 Nursing unit Pharmacology content.
  • Golden Apple Teaching Award – Monash University Gippsland Campus. 2012 NUR2002 Nursing unit Pharmacology content.
  • Staff excellence award for community engagement (2008). Monash University Gippsland Campus. ($500 dollar gift voucher)
  • Outstanding Unit Evaluation for Introduction to High Dependency
  • Nursing, 3rd year Undergraduate unit. (NUR3106) Monash University (2005) Professor Stephen Parker Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor & Senior Vice-President

Research interests

  • Acute care practice
  • Emergency Nursing
  • Family Presence During Resuscitation
  • MET call / Code Blue activations
  • Teamwork

Supervised projects

Current student projects

  • PhD Thesis: Social Inclusion: Supporting People with Mental Illnesses in Latrobe Valley Community Mental Health Service area.
  • Honours Thesis: Family presence during resuscitation (and invasive procedures) in the Emergency Department
  • Honours Thesis: Paediatric MET calls: A single site quantitative analysis of rural health facility in Victoria, Australia.
  • PhD Title: The history of scheduled medicines (rural and isolated practice)nurses in Australia.

Completed masters/honours

  • Thesis Title: A qualitative study exploring emergency nurses experience of teamwork within the emergency department.
  • Thesis Title: A new educating concept for emergency nurses to improve patient education in the Emergency Department. Supervisors: Joanne Porter, Alison Beauchamp, School of Nursing and Midwifery Gippsland
  • Thesis Title: An evaluation of the effect of a mental health clinical placement on the mental health attitudes of student nurses. Supervisors: Joanne Porter, Ken Sellick, School of Nursing and Midwifery Gippsland
  • Thesis Title: Home Visits: Identification of service-gap delivery and provision of support following stroke. Supervisors: Simon Cooper, Joanne Porter, School of Nursing and Midwifery Gippsland


Book chapter

Mills, Jane, Francis, Karen, Birks, Melanie, Coyle, Meaghan, Porter, Joanne, and Missen, Karen (2011) Nursing in remote or isolated areas of Queensland: role, resources and readiness for practice. In: Advances in Medicine and Biology. Advances in Medicine and Biology, 26 . Nova Science Publishers, New York, USA, pp. 265-275. ISBN978-1-61324-065-6 11473_Mills_et_al_2011.pdf

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Published research reports

Cooper, S. Bogossain, F. Porter, J.Cant, R. (2013). Managing patient deterioration: Enhancing Nursing students 'Competence through web-based simulation and feedback techniques. Office for Teaching and Learning. ISBN – 978-1-74361-581-2[PDF]