School of Nursing and Healthcare Professions

Associate Professor Danny Hills

Phone: (03) 53276652
Position: Associate Professor Nursing
Discipline: Nursing


BN, Grad Cert Mgt, Grad Cert Ter Teach, MN Hons, PhD

Teaching areas/interests

Research Methods, Evidence Based Health Care, Patient Safety and Care Quality / Clinical Governance

Professional associations/affiliations

Australian Association of Gerontology, Australian College of Nursing, Australasian Epidemiological Association.

Research interests

Health services and workforce, workplace aggression, mental health and well-being, ageing and aged care

Supervised projects (current and completed)

Kench, P. [PhD]. Towards sustainable equity in mental health services for LGBT people: A rhizomatic contribution from nurses constituted at n – 1. Completed 04/2015 (secondary supervisor from July 2014).

Gardner, P. [Masters]. How do care staff in a regional residential aged care facility assess and manage pain in residents with dementia? Completed 12/2017 (primary supervisor).

Taylor, C. [BN Hons]. Perceived barriers to high quality haemodialysis care for patients with co-occurring end stage renal failure and mental health issues: a qualitative approach. Completed 12/2016 (primary supervisor until 02/2016).

Mammen, B. [BN Hons]. What are new graduate nurses’ experiences of disrespect, incivility and marginalisation in Australian hospitals? Completed 12/2017 (primary supervisor).

In progress

Alasiry, S. [PhD]. Modelling a cardiac rehabilitation program in Saudi Arabia. Expected completion 09/2018.

Kidgell, D. [PhD]. Foreign credential recognition of nurses as part of Australia's international trade in services. Expected completion 04/2021.

Bumpstead, S. [Honours]. New graduate nurses’ knowledge skills and attitudes concerning communication with people who have complex communication needs (as a result of disability) in Australian hospital settings. Expected completion 12/2019.

Grants and awards

2018 Robinson, T., Hills, S. & Hills, D. Anxiety in later life - Screening and intervention study Ella Lowe Grant, Nurses Board of Victoria Legacy Limited $49,890
2018-2020 Sharoun, L., Montana-Hoyos, C. & Hills, D. Inspired by Singapore: Design and healthy ageing in multicultural societies Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade


2017-2018 Robinson, T. & Hills, D. Towards integrated care: improving patient and frontline staff engagement and experience of ambulatory care referral and communication processes Medical Research Future Fund $135,779
2017-2018 Hills, D. & Lam, L. Workplace aggression experiences in nursing and midwifery: Prevalence, prevention, responses and impact Mona Menzies Post-doctoral Research Grant, Nurses Board of Victoria Legacy Limited $40,828
2017-2018 Hills, D., Hills, S., Robinson, T. & Hungerford, C. Identifying anxiety in later life Univers Foundation, Japan ¥990,000 ($11,402)
2017 Sharoun, L., Montana-Hoyos, C. & Hills, D. Inspired by Singapore: Design and healthy ageing Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade $85,800
2016 Robinson, T., Northam, H. & Hills, D. Implementing a workforce resilience program with clinicians working in cancer services: A feasibility study University of Canberra, Faculty of Health $4,935
2014-2015 Hungerford, C., Gibson, D., Hercelynskij, G., Hills, D., Petrie, E. & Grealish, L. Co-operative for healthy ageing research and teaching (CHART) service in the ACT and Southern NSW – a focus on sustainability Department of Social Services $ 30,000
2014 Hills, D., Hutchinson, A., Jones, T. & Craig, P. Tri-focal Model of Care: Practice and service development project Co-operative for Health Ageing Research and Teaching (CHART) $5,000
2012-2014 Shochet, I., Wurfl, A., Robinson, T. & Hills, D. Development of a resilience program for Indigenous job seekers in rural NSW Murdi Paaki Regional Enterprise Corporation (MPREC) $200,000
2011 Robinson, T. & Hills, D. Transcultural mental health care scoping study NSW Ministry of Health $20,000
2011 Robinson, T. & Hills, D. Evaluation of the deadly thinking program Australasian Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health $30,000
2009-2011 Robinson, T., Hills, D. & Kelly, B. Mental health emergency care learning and development program NSW Ministry of Health $533,000
2008-2009 Robinson, T. & Hills, D. Introduction to rural mental health practice NSW Institute of Rural Clinical Services and Teaching $150,000
2006-2008 Robinson, T., Hills, D. & Kelly, B. Mental health emergency care learning and development pilot NSW Ministry of Health $80,000


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