School of Nursing and Healthcare Professions

Dr Linda Jones

Phone: 03 53276847
Room: Building 903, Rm1123, Berwick Campus
Position: Head of Discipline, Nursing.

Linda Jones is currently Senior Lecturer and Head of Discipline Nursing at Federation University Australia. Her responsibilities include PhD supervision, teaching, administration and leadership in the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Healthcare.


RN, Diploma of Applied Science (Nursing) Cumberland College of Health Sciences, 1977

RM, The Bankstown Hospital, 1980

Graduate Diploma in Education (Nursing) Sydney College of Advanced Education. 1984

Bachelor of Applied Science (Nursing) Cumberland College of Health Sciences, 1986

Master of Nursing Administration The University of New South Wales, 1990

PhD 2005, University of Technology, Sydney.

Credentials granted by professional bodies:

Fellow, Australian College of Midwives (FACM)

Fellow, Australian College of Nursing (FACN)

Teaching areas


Nursing Laboratories

Context of nursing

Ethics and Law

Research methods


Consultancy teaching positions through hospitals and ACM, including:

  • Consultative work for Cumberland College of Health Sciences and Hornsby Hospital, in the area of fetal heart rate monitoring.
  • Consultative work for Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children and Prince of Wales Children’s Hospital in the area of perinatal medicine/nursing in the paediatric courses.
  • Consultant to community based model of care, Liverpool Hospital Maternity Unit (1996)
  • Invited to participate in study days at Monash University Gippsland Campus
  • Consultant for St John of God Berwick on preceptor education (2006).
  • Consultant for La Trobe Hospital in the area of antenatal care (2006).
  • External marker for Childbirth Education Association program (1995-2000).
  • Coordinated and taught a midwifery update for the NSW Midwives Association for Wagga Wagga (1997, 1999), Dubbo (1999, 2000, 2001, 2002) and Orange (2000, 2002).
  • Coordinated and taught midwifery refresher program for the NSW Midwives Association (1997, 1999).
  • Assessor for application for a Canada Council Killam Research Fellowship, The Canada Council for the Arts, September 2001.
  • Assessor for research grant applications for Queensland Nursing Council (2004- ).
  • Member of interview panel as representative from NSW Midwives Association for Clinical Midwifery Consultant for Northern Rivers Area Health Service at Lismore (2002).
  • Consultant work for Prohealth involving presentations and follow up sessions (2007).
  • Consultant work for Hypnobirthing helping design an evaluation survey and research into the effectiveness (2006)
  • Consultant work for Robyn Thompson, independent midwife and lactation consultant, in presenting her research finding on breastfeeding (2006- )
  • Consultant work for Judith Kotoszki who is designing a research project to examine the sucking mechanism of neonates when bottle feeding using different teats (2006- )
  • Consulted as an expert witness for hospital midwives reasonable practice (2008).

Expertise and research interests

  • All aspects of midwifery
  • Midwifery education
  • Continuity of carer midwifery models
  • Midwifery care
  • Care of childbearing women post serious illness
  • Organisational change
  • Action research
  • Soft systems methodology
  • Curriculum development
  • Clinical teaching

Supervised projects

Current PhD candidates

  • PhD candidates:
  • Best practices in clinical education for chiropractic students
  • Feasibility of a pre-conceptual health lift style program
  • Research utilisation by nurses in Saudi
  • Second supervisor: Evaluation of self management of Type II diabetes program in Saudi
  • Exploring woman’s needs and aspirations during childbirth in Timor Leste

Completed student projects


  • 2006. Graduate nurses perceptions and experiences of establishing and developing trust in the nurse-patient relationship;

Master of Midwifery minor thesis

  • An exploration of the impact of obesity in pregnancy as described by women who were obese prior to falling pregnant 2009;
  • Understanding the values and beliefs of rural Swazi women regarding their birth practices in the Northern Hhohho region of Swaziland;
  • Thinking Aboriginal maternity care: the interface of cultures in a rural setting 2012;
  • Saudi students experience of studying in Australia 2013;

Master by research

  • Women’s experience of traumatic birth 2017


  • Mum’s the word: exploring early motherhood 2012;
  • Examining family members and nurses attitudes and beliefs towards family presence in Saudi emergency departments (second supervisor) 2013;
  • Examining barriers and facilitators to effective nurse patient communication within a Saudi Arabic cultural context (second supervisor) 2014;
  • The perceived impact of the changes to National Registration and service provision on the Victorian Maternal and Child Health Nurses 2014;
  • Examining knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs regarding pain management in oncology nurses in Saudi Arabian hospitals 2014;
  • Psychophysiological and metabolic changes with different yoga practice 2014;
  • Resilience of Saudi Families with Chronically ill children 2015;
  • Nurses attitudes knowledge and beliefs towards individuals who deliberately self-injure 2015;
  • Understanding pregnant teenagers' antenatal care needs in Tasmania: A socio-ecological determinants of health perspective 2016;
  • Exploring influences impacting on Taiwanese women’s decision to have children: Implications for nurses and midwives 2016;

Research grants

  • 2011/2 Co investigator with E Holroyd. Endeavour Australian Government. Continuity of midwifery care project exchange;
  • 2011 Co investigator with H Pisani, A Chester $15,000 Scheme into Learning and Teaching Research. Social media in professional practice: development of a professional digital identities resource for health sciences students;
  • 2010 Co investigator with E Holroyd. $16,520. Australia-Thailand Institute Grants Program. Promoting continuity of midwifery care;
  • 2009 Chief investigator with P. Glover $15,000. Disciplines of Nursing and Midwifery Research Initiative Fund, RMIT. Follow through;
  • 2009 Co investigator with A Patrick and M McIntyre $15,000 Maternity Services Program – Maternity Workforce Grant. Development of a common tertiary midwifery assessment tool for Victoria;
  • 2009 Chief Investigator with K Nankervis and P Ramcharan. $20,000.Mona Menzies Post Doctoral Nursing Research Grant 2008. Nurses Board of Victoria. Midwives attitudes toward sexuality and parenting by people with disability;
  • 2007 Chief Investigator with K Nankervis. $1,928. Division of Nursing and Midwifery Research Initiative Fund, RMIT. Midwives attitudes toward sexuality and parenting by people with disabilities;
  • 2007 Chief Investigator with J James. $1,866. Division of Nursing and Midwifery Research Initiative Fund, RMIT. Current modalities in clinical education: a critique;
  • 2007 Co Investigator with W Pollock, L Rose and D Akers. $5,000 Australian College of Critical Care Nurses. Postnatal adaptation following ICU admission;
  • 2007 Chief Investigator with J Kotowski. $1,500 Jackel Research Grant. Observational pilot study of bottle feeding with Tomme Tippee closer to nature teat;

Industry/profession/community involvement

Linda Jones has been involved in numerous industry, profession and related community organisations.

  • External reviewer for Professional Development Program for midwives. Toowoomba Base Hospital 1993).
  • External reviewer for Bachelor of Midwifery program, Wellington Polytechnic, New Zealand (1994).
  • Member of accreditation committee, Advanced Midwifery Graduate Certificate, NSW College of Nursing (1995).
  • Member of external advisory committee, Graduate Diploma in Nursing (Midwifery), Avondale College (1995-).
  • Member of accreditation committee, Graduate Diploma in Childbirth Education, Vocational Training Accreditation Board (1996).
  • Member of course review committee, NSW Nurses Registration Board for Graduate Diploma in Midwifery, University of Western Sydney, Hawkesbury (1995-6).
  • Member of external advisory committee, Graduate Diploma in Midwifery, and Master of Midwifery, University of Western Sydney, Hawkesbury (1997-).
  • Member of external advisory committee, Master of Science (Midwifery), University of Wollongong (1997-2003).
  • Member of course review committee, NSW Nurses Registration Board for Graduate Diploma in Midwifery, University of Western Sydney, Milperra (1997, 2001).
  • Member of course review committee, NSW Nurses Registration Board for Graduate Diploma in Midwifery, University of Newcastle (1997, 2001, 2002).
  • Member of Nurses Registration Board of NSW Working Party on Guidelines for Midwifery Education Programs.
  • Member of course review committee, NSW Nurses Registration Board for Graduate Diploma in Midwifery, University of Sydney (2001).
  • Member of Nurses Registration Board of NSW Working Party on use of ACMI Competencies for Midwifery Education Programs (1998-).
  • Member of external advisory committee, Master of Midwifery incorporating the Graduate Diploma in Midwifery, Deakin University (2000).
  • Member of external advisory committee, Bachelor in Midwifery, Masters of Midwifery ACU (2006- ).
  • Member of course accreditation committee, Nurses Board of Tasmania for Graduate Diploma of Midwifery, University of Tasmania (2007- ).
  • Course reviewer for the Nurses Board of Victoria (2007- ).
  • Supervisor for WHO Fellowship study tours, two from Malaysia (Aug to Nov) and two from Cambodia (Sept to Dec). This involved organising the programs, coordinating appointments, accompanying and introducing the participants and explaining midwifery and nursing in NSW (1995).
  • Member of Australian College of Midwives Incorporated, NSW Branch Executive (1995-2003). This has involved making comments on behalf of the Association on various documents. I am also a member of the following sub committees: Marketing and Promotion, State Conference, Newsletter and Education. I am also the nominated representative of the Association for the NSW Nurses Association Specialist Professional Nursing associations Forum and Reference Group to Professional Development and Education Committee for the Council NSW Nurses Association.
  • Vice President of the NSW Midwives Association (1996-7).
  • NSW State delegate to Australian College of Midwives Incorporated (1997-1999).
  • President Victorian Branch of ACM (2013-2016).
  • Editor for the Australian College of Midwives Journal (1998- )
  • Editorial reviewer British Journal of Midwifery (2004- ).
  • Ministerial appointment from the NSW Midwives Association for the NSW Maternal and Perinatal Committee and Perinatal Working Party (1998-2002).
  • Australian College of Midwives representative on the National AIHW Perinatal Statistical Unit Advisory Committees for the Report on Maternal Deaths 1994-96, first Report on Maternal Morbidity and first report on Reproductive Health (1999-2001).
  • Member of Censor Board for Fellowship for ACMI, role includes conducting Fellows Forums once per year (2001-2003; 2004-2005).
  • Member of ANEST Reference Group for ACMI (2003- )
  • Member of Management Committee 27th International Confederation of Midwives Congress 2005 Brisbane and on Core Scientific Committee for same.
  • Member of the Education Subcommittee of ACMI Victorian Branch.
  • Member of ACMI Midwifery Practice Review Advisory Group to develop the Midwifery Practice Review (2006- 7).
  • Participated in the Australian College of Midwives Midwifery Practice Review process to become a Reviewer (2007-)
  • Member of the Midwifery Education Standards Advisory Committee of Australian College of Midwives (2007- ). Current task is to write the standards for midwifery education in Australia;
  • Member of SET Portfolio Board (2007-2009)
  • Member of Academic Development Committee (2007-2009).

Educational development work

Linda Jones has had extensive experience in the area of course and program development and leading quality teaching initiatives. She has contributed consistently to the design and delivery of over five postgraduate programs including midwifery and three undergraduate programs.

Research publications

Refereed journal articles

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