School of Nursing and Healthcare Professions

Health practices research

'Health Practices' are the main research themes for the School and allied partners, incorporating fields of expertise relating to 'healthy practices' (e.g. health promotion) and 'healthcare practice' (e.g. education and workforce development). The three main fields of expertise include:

  1. Developing, measuring and comparing the clinical impact of educational innovations. Researchers have a significant track history in this field including the development and evaluation of face-to-face and web-based innovative clinical simulation approaches in midwifery, nursing and paramedicine . In addition, expertise in storytelling as an educational approach, historical perspectives on education, and understanding and developing nursing scholarship. Please contact Professor Simon Cooper for further information.
  2. Workforce evaluation, development and patient safety. This field of expertise includes approaches that investigate ways of improving clinical task and teamwork performance (e.g., patient satisfaction, resuscitation (e.g. 'family presence'), patient deterioration, cultural safety and patient safety. Please contact Professor Simon Cooper for further information.
  3. Promoting health and health seeking behaviour. In this field of research staff work together to benefit local and national communities and ensure better patient outcomes. This includes development of end of life frameworks, community wide health promotion projects, women's and Indigenous health and planning and development of maternal and child health services. For further information please contact Dr Wendy Penney or A/Professor Penny Cash.