School of Nursing and Healthcare Professions


Primary healthcare – Care of older people, rural health, and Indigenous health

Primary healthcare is the foci of many of the School's scholars with expertise in community resilience [Jan Jones]; health promotion projects in Gippsland power stations (Catherine Chung et al); end of life and palliative care (Wendy Penney et al); self-management of care (Shireen Sewgolan;  Penny Paliadelis et al); Indigenous health (Penny Cash; Wendy Penney et al); action learning approaches in community health (Wendy Penney); women's' health (Penny Cash et al); and nursing care home management (Jenny Mee et al).

Acute healthcare – Paramedicine and acute hospital care

The School has significant expertise in acute healthcare with the production of a major body of knowledge in the field of emergency care through significant research funding. Paramedic staff are interested in the role transition from nurse to paramedic (Anita Giannis, Nareeda Miller et al) whilst there is a body of work relating to the presence of family during resuscitation (Joanne Porter et al) and current work examining Medical Emergency Team calls (Joanne Porter et al).   Extensive work has also been completed relating to resuscitation survival, teamwork skills in emergencies, and the management of deteriorating patients - which includes the web based education and research program First2Act (Simon Cooper et al).

Midwifery, child and adolescent health

Midwifery specialists have been leading important work in the development of birth assistants in Asia and Africa (Rosie King et al) and in maternity care in rural settings (Carolyn Bailey et al).  Sexual health (Amanda Smith), the experiences of young people with diabetes (Ainsley James) and childhood incontinence (Blake Peck) are also key foci.