School of Nursing and Healthcare Professions

Potential research projects

The School of Nursing and Healthcare Professions has several projects from honours through to PhD level.

For more information about a project that interests you, please contact the relevant staff member.

Associate Professor Joanne Porter

Family presence during resuscitation

A large body of work has been done in the area however; there remains a number of key research questions that are yet to be explored. Building upon previous work, evaluate the impact the ER-DRIP education package has on attitudes of health professionals towards implementing family presence during resuscitation into practice.

Hands up volunteering in Latrobe

The Latrobe City Council has commenced work to develop a volunteering education package and resources in conjunction with streamlining the process in which volunteers need to do in order to complete the necessary documentation ready to commence volunteer work. This body of work aims to evaluate the impact of the Hands up initiative.

Food for Valley

The Latrobe Health Innovation Zone has commissioned work to streamline the food bank collection and distribution strategy. This project aims to evaluate the impact the food bank has on local residents using a mixed methodology to gather evidence of the social impact of the food bank services.

Working with Men

Following on from the success of the introduction of the Men’s shed concept, this project aims to evaluate the social impact of the Men’s sheds in Latrobe. Using a mixed methods approach to data collection gathering exploring the impact, social reach and social connectiveness of Men’s sheds in Latrobe.

Hello Campaign

Recently the Latrobe Health innovation Zone introduced a mental campaign to increase awareness of mental health through the “Hello” campaign. This project will be evaluating the impact, reach and changes to attitudes towards mental health and wellbeing in Latrobe.

Smoking Cessation

The Gippsland Primary Health Network together with the Latrobe Community Health Services will be embarking on establishing a smoking cessation clinic in Latrobe. This project aims to evaluate the impact, reach and effectiveness of this clinic and all its associated activities and outreach work.

For more information on these projects, please contact Associate Professor Joanne Porter on