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Medical errors research

When a health event happened in my own family it made me, as a nurse, look very differently at how medical errors can have a drastic impact on the person receiving care and their loved ones who often stand by feeling helpless.

Knowing I had the clinical training and research skills around occupational health and safety, I wanted to make a greater difference in health care, so that others did not have to experience what my loved one and may family experienced. My motivation was not about placing blame on anyone, but it was about making health care safer.

The World Health Organization has shown that up to 42% adults experience medical error when receiving care and up to 36% patients are harmed during health care, either resulting in permanent injury, increased length of stay in health care facilities, or even death.

With this in mind, academics from the School of Nursing and Healthcare Professions, Federation University and the University of Tasmania have come together to help me on my research quest to reduce medical errors from occurring and improving health care outcomes for all. The project we are working on is better understanding of people’s experiences and perceptions when medial error occurs in their care or when they see a loved one experience medical errors.

As such, it is important to spread the message that we can make health care safer for everyone. You can show your support by getting involved by having your say in a national survey.

If you have any further questions about the project please contact Dr Jeong-ah Kim (, 03 53276989).

National survey