School of Health and Life Sciences

Board student representatives

The School of Health and Life Sciences Board is the chief academic committee of the School responsible for the oversight of teaching, learning and research and ensuring that the School contributes towards the good governance and the achievement of the strategic and academic goals of the university.

Current student representative

Sam Sherrard

Policy Statement

Hello, everyone. I’m looking to apply again to be a student representative for the School of Health and Life Sciences as an undergraduate student. I think I’m in a good spot as a first-year student to be able to ask people what issues they’re having and solve them with the school board before they start to seriously affect people.

I managed to do this as a representative last semester, but I believe I’d be capable of much more over a full year-long term. I’d be happy for anybody to approach me with their coursework or unit issues if they see me (especially my five-hour gap on Wednesdays) – or anything else that could be put before the school board.