School of Health and Life Sciences

Professor Suzanne McLaren

Phone: (03) 53279628
Room: H229
Position: Head of Psychology
Discipline: Psychology


  • PhD
  • BA (Hons)

Teaching areas

  • Health psychology
  • Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Issues in Psychology
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Research Supervision

Psychology Board of Australia

  • General registration
  • Health endorsement

Professional associations

  • Member, American Association of Suicidology
  • Member, Suicide Prevention Research Leaders’ Network

Research Interests

Suzanne’s main research interests are within the broad field of adult mental health. She is particularly interested in investigating the processes by which risk and protective factors influence mental health. Within this resilience framework, she has researched the influence that various social relationships (e.g., sense of belonging, social support, attachment, relationship satisfaction) can have on the relationship between risk (e.g., depression) and outcome (e.g., suicidal ideation). Other research investigates help-seeking intentions and behaviours among adults. Her research investigates resilience among a range of adult samples, with older adults and gay, lesbian, and bisexual adults featuring prominently in her work. Suzanne offers postgraduate supervision within the broad context of resilience, which could include variables such as place of residence/geographical remoteness; social relationships, especially social support and sense of belonging; depression and suicide; reasons for living; sexual orientation; older adults; and help-seeking.

Publications (last 5 years)

Refereed Articles

Riley, K., Gent, A., McLaren, S., Caunt, J., & Stavropolous, V. (accepted). The fatigue and depressive symptoms relationship in mothers of young children: The moderating role of mindfulness. Mindfulness.

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Grants (last 5 years)

Klein, B., & McLaren, S. (2017). Review & Evaluation of Wimmera Uniting Care Service Team Procedures: Implementing a Solution Extension. Wimmera Uniting Care. Awarded: $33,000.

Klein, B., & McLaren, S. (2016). Review and evaluation of Wimmera Uniting Care (Horsham) service intake team procedures. Wimmera Uniting Care. Awarded: $17,740.

Klein, B., & McLaren, S. (2016). 'My Digital Health' Pilot Site Trial Research Collaboration. Wimmera Uniting Care. Awarded: $27,235.

Klein, B., Stranieri, A., Dazeley, R.,Clinnick, L., McLaren, S., & Balasubramanian, V. (2014). Supporting aged care nursing staff to electronically manage resident’s behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia in real time. Telematics Trust Fund. Awarded: $29,855.

Klein, B., Stranieri, A., Vamplew, P., McLaren, S. (2013). Progressing the BlueWatch concept. Collaborative Research Network. Awarded: $5000

Stranieri, A., Dazeley, R., Klein, B., Vamplew, P., Balasubramanian, V., Smith, P., McLaren, S., Molloy, M., Noble, D., & Clinnick, L (2013). Expert driven reinforcement learning for real time biophysical and social assessment of wellbeing. University of Ballarat SITE Seeding Grant. Awarded: $4,350

Research Higher Degree Completions (last 5 years)

Jessica Chesler, Master of Applied Science (Psychology), 2015: The Effects of Playing Nintendo Wii on Depression, Sense of Belonging, Social Support, and Mood among Australian Aged Care Residents: A Pilot Study

Denise Corboy, Doctor of Philosophy, 2013: Telephone-based and face-to-face psychosocial support: Models for support service use among Australian men following radical prostatectomy