School of Health and Life Sciences


Andrews, Brooke Lecturer Mt Helen, H212 53279623
Cassimatis, Mandy (Dr) Lecturer Mt Helen, H206 53279021
Corboy, Denise (Dr) Lecturer Mt Helen, H221 53279516
De Gracia, Ria (Dr) Lecturer

2W- 279

Edwards, Stephen (Dr) Placement Coordinator Mt Helen, H207 53279165
Evans-Barker, Jacquie (Dr) FedUni Community Psychology Services SMB, B Building Clinic 53276411
Ferguson, Rose Lecturer Gippsland, Berwick 51226029
Forsyth, Loch (Dr) Lecturer Mt Helen, H217 53279133
Gomez, Rapson (Prof) Adjunct Professor   
Jenkins, Megan (Dr) Lecturer; Fourth Year Psychology Coordinator Mt Helen, H213 53279775
Klein, Britt (Prof) `Prof Robert HT Smith' Professor and Personal Chair in Psychology & eHealth Mt Helen, H219 53276717
Lauder, Sue (Dr) Lecturer Mt Helen, H212 53279845
Miloyan, Beyon (Dr) Senior Lecturer Mt Helen
McFarlane, Kimberley (Dr) Lecturer Gippsland, 2W- 278 53276560
McLachlan, Angus (Dr) Associate   
McLaren, Suzanne (Prof) Head of Psychology, Acting Master of Psychology (Clinical) Program Coordinator Mt Helen, H229 53279628
March, Evita (Dr) Lecturer Berwick 902-168A 51228044
Moore, Kate (Assoc Prof) Associate Professor Gippsland, 2W-278 51228922
Penhall, Alan Technical Officer, Mt Helen, H129 53279609
Power, Garry (Dr)
Shute, Rosalyn (Prof) Adjunct   
Teese, Robert Lecturer Mt Helen, H222 53279615
Toukhsati, Samia (Dr)Senior 902-168C51226009
Van Doorn, George (Dr) Senior Lecturer Gippsland, 2W-281 51226746
Wagstaff, Danielle (Dr) Lecturer Gippsland
Walford, Matthew (Dr) Helen, H22453276485
Watson, Shaun (Dr) Lecturer; Bachelor of Psychological Science Coordinator Mt Helen, H225 53279622
Wilson, Kellie Director, FedUni Community Psychology Services SMB, B Building Clinic 53276543