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Nankervis, Scott (Dr)


Room: Y131

Phone: 5327 6081


Scott completed his degree at Deakin University, Geelong in animal and plant biology. Honours and PhD projects sought to understand the osmoregulatory role of natriuretic peptides in salmonid fish during migration between fresh- and saltwater. Postdoctoral work examined the contribution of virulence genes to infection processes of salmonella. Scott has spent additional time working and teaching at the Deakin Medical School. Current teaching at Federation University concerns anatomy and physiology and pathophysiology, and research examines the role of zinc transport in chronic disease processes such as insulin resistance.


  • Bachelor of Biological Science (Hons)
  • PhD

Postgraduate research supervisions

Current supervision

Program of study: (Doctorate by research)

  • Thesis title: The Role of Zinc and Reactive Oxygen Species in the Context of Insulin Resistance
  • Supervisors: Myers, M (Main), Nankervis, S (Associate)

Program of study: (Doctorate by research)

  • Thesis title: The effect of duration and intensity of aerobic exercise on hs-CRP levels in individuals with moderately elevated hs-CRP levels
  • Supervisors: Charchar, F (Main), O'Brien, B (Main), Nankervis, S (Associate)

Completed supervision

Student: Denham, J

  • Thesis title: The effects of exercise on telomere, DNA methylation and gene expression dynamics in leukocytes (PhD) 2015
  • Supervisors: Charchar, F (Main), O'Brien, B (Main), Nankervis, S (Associate)


Journal articles

Nankervis, S.A., Mitchell, J.M., Charchar, F.J., McGlynn, M.A., Lewandowski, P.A. (2013). Consumption of a low glycaemic index diet in late life extends lifespan of Balb/c mice with differential effects on DNA damage. Longevity & Healthspan 08/2013; 2(1). DOI:10.1186/2046-2395-2-4

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