School of Health and Life Sciences

Dr Meagan Dewar

Name Dr Meagan Dewar  
Position Title Lecturer
Campus Berwick
Room 903-1123
Phone +613 51228918

Research interests

  • Microbiome and disease surveillance of wildlife
  • Role of microbes in animal health and physiology

Short biography

Dr Dewar completed a Bachelor of Science Degree majoring in Marine Biology from James Cook University in 2004. She was awarded her Bachelor of Applied Science (Honours) degree from Victoria University in 2008 and her Doctor of Philosophy from Deakin University in 2013.

Dr Dewar is a marine biologist and microbial ecologist whose research focuses on furthering our knowledge and understanding on the community composition and functional role of the microbial community colonising the gastrointestinal tract of wildlife and the incidence of infectious disease in Antarctic wildlife. Dr Dewar’s PhD focused on describing the microbial communities of sub-Antarctic and temperate penguins and Australian seabirds, exploring species differences and the influence of moult and development on the microbial community structure. Dr Dewar’s current research explores the functional role of microbial communities of sharks and seabirds and the incidence of disease in Antarctic birds and marine mammals.

Dr Dewar is also a member of the Health Monitoring of Birds and Marine Mammals working group, within the Scientific Committee for Antarctic Research’s expert group for Birds and marine mammals (EGBAMM).

In addition to her research, Meagan is also a member of two early career scientist’s organisations; the Association for Polar Early Career Scientists, APECS (Council member) for which Meagan is also on the executive committee for the Australian and New Zealand National Committee (APECS Oceania) and is co-director for the International Penguin Early Career Scientists.


  • Bachelor of Science (Marine Biology)
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Honours)
  • Doctorate of Philosophy

Teaching areas

  • SCBIO1010 Principles of Biology
  • SCMIC2001 General Microbiology
  • SCBIO1020 Systems Biology
  • SCMOL2001 Biotechnology Laboratory Techniques

Extended research profile