School of Health and Life Sciences

Further information about Dr Hansen

Research interests

  • Waterbird and shorebird ecology
  • Management and restoration of riparian (stream-side) zones
  • Application of molecular ecology tools to the conservation of fauna

Current research projects

  • Investigating the influence of riparian zone condition and management on woodland bird breeding in highly modified landscapes - A multi-scale investigation into the patterns of habitat use by Latham’s Snipe and their response to urban development at a key wetland site in South-Western Victoria
  • The Narmbool Vision - toward establishing Sovereign Hill’s pastoral property “Narmbool” as a demonstration farm for biodiversity conservation, carbon sequestration, viable agricultural production and protection of aquatic ecosystems
  • PhD student project - Marta Slawuta (V.U. primary P. Boon) - Factors determining habitat selection by birds in coastal habitats of Western Port, Victoria

Consulting/other activities

  • Editor-in-chief of Stilt, the shorebird journal of the East Asian-Australasian Flyway
  • Shorebird monitoring and conservation through the Australasian Wader Studies Group and the Victorian Wader Study Group
  • Provides expert advice and targeted field survey for waterbird, shorebird and other avian monitoring and research programs


  • Hansen, B., Wevill, T., Hettihewa, S. and Gell, P. 2014. Narmbool Biodiversity and Carbon Project. Unpublished report for Sovereign Hill Museums Association. Federation University Australia
  • Menkhorst, P. and Hansen, B. 2014. Investigating the utility of monitoring bird communities to inform the Victorian Index of Estuarine Condition. Unpublished client report to Victorian Office of Water. Department of Environment and Primary Industries, Heidelberg, Victoria
  • Menkhorst, P., Loyn, R.H., Hansen, B., Liu, C., McKay, M. and Dann, P. 2014. Trends in numbers of piscivorous birds in Western Port and West Corner Inlet, Victoria, 1987–2012. Unpublished client report to Melbourne Water. Arthur Rylah Institute for Environmental Research, Department of Environment and Primary Industries, Heidelberg, Victoria


  • Nov/Dec 2013 - EcoTas2013 & AOC 2013; Aotea Centre, Auckland and Unitec, Mt Albert, New Zealand. Does riparian condition influence breeding success in woodland birds in highly modified landscapes?
  • June 2013 - Biodiversity Across Borders. Federation University Australia, Mt Helen. Riparian zone widths, restoration objectives and catchment land use: management guidelines.