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School of Engineering, Information Technology and Physical Sciences

STEM and Gaming

Campus: Mt Helen

Discipline: Information Technology

Research field: STEM and Gaming

Key words: women in STEM, female gaming, women and video games

Supervisor(s): Sally Firmin, Anitra Goriss-Hunter

Contact details:


Phone: 03 5327 9739 or 0428 148 808

Brief supervisor bio:

Sally Firmin: In industry, I worked as a programmer and database administrator, and for the past 20 years, I have been teaching in the higher education sector. I am interested in active learning and enhancing students’ learning experiences using technology. My discipline expertise is mainly in helping people to solve problems using computers, for example project management leadership, process analytics and social media. My research interests are in the area of computing education, women in STEM, web services and health informatics. I specialise in qualitative research, in particular the application of grounded theory, and thematic analysis.

Anitra Goriss-Hunter: Dr Anitra Goriss-Hunter has been involved in research projects at the University of Tasmania and Federation University Australia. These projects have focused on research areas including gender and education as well as teachers’ conceptions of effective teaching. Her research work has been presented at national and international conferences and published internationally.

Project Description: Girls and Gaming

Women now make up 46% of the gaming audience in Australia (Brand, Todhunter & Jervis, 2017). Video games are any games played electronically, on either a personal computer, a console, or arcade machine, based on a story for the purposes of entertainment (Esposito, 2005; Kiviranta, 2017). According to Vargas (2015), males and females play different genres of video games. Vargas (2015) found men are more likely to play role-playing games (RPG) and simulation genre games, while women typically played music/dance genre games. This project seeks to identify women’s favourite video games. Why are women attracted to a particular genre of game? What challenges women experience when playing video games, which are unique to their gender? These questions will help inform design and development of video games specifically targeted to women players.