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School of Engineering, Information Technology and Physical Sciences

AR companionship

Campus: Mt Helen

Discipline: Information Technology

Research field: Augmented reality

Key words: augmented Reality, residential care, loneliness, virtual reality.

Supervisor(s): Grant Meredith & Leigh Achterbosch

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Brief supervisor bio:

Grant Meredith leads the the applied Technologies for Empowering People for Participation in Society (TEPPS) research program where he enjoys making “assertive technologies” to empower people.

Project Description: AR companionship

Loneliness is being seen as a major social issue to understand and attempt to manage. It is particularly evident within the elderly population who due to personal circumstances may suffer from feelings of seclusion and isolation. This project will entail investigating the use of AR/VR for assisting to manage loneliness, building a basic AR application (or finding and suggesting a free off-the shelf app) and testing its feasibility with a small group of target users.