School of Engineering, Information Technology and Physical Sciences

Program information

Program structures

The program structures listed below are a guide for students who are studying full-time to follow. If you are studying part-time or have received credit for any courses, contact Student Administration on 1800 333 864 for assistance with enrolment.

Undergraduate degrees


CodeProgramBerwickBrisbane Gippsland Mt HelenOnline
SG5 Bachelor of Geoscience XX X



Mathematical science

CodeProgramBerwickBrisbane Gippsland Mt HelenOnline
SY5 Bachelor of Mathematical Science XXXStructureStructure

Information technology

CodeProgramBerwickBrisbane Gippsland Mt HelenOnline
CT5.BDABachelor of Information Technology
(Big Data Analytics)
CT5.BIS Bachelor of Information Technology
(Business Information Systems)        
StructureX XStructureStructure
CT5.CI5 Bachelor of Information Technology
(Professional Practice)
CT5.GDBachelor of Information Technology
(Games Development)
CT5.MADBachelor of Information Technology
(Mobile Application Development)
CT5.NS Bachelor of Information Technology
(Network Security)        
CT5.SD Bachelor of Information Technology
(Software Development)        
XX XStructureStructure
CT5 Bachelor of Information Technology         StructureStructure StructureStructureStructure

Honours degrees


CodeProgramBerwickBrisbane Gippsland Mt HelenOnline
EG8.CIV Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) (Honours) XX StructureX
EG8.EIEBachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Information Engineering) (Honours)XXXStructureX
EG8.MEC Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) (Honours) XX XStructureX
EG8.MIN Bachelor of Engineering (Mining) (Honours) XX XStructureX
GM8 Bachelor of Mechatronic Systems Engineering (Honours) XX StructureXStructure

Postgraduate degrees


CodeProgramBerwickBrisbaneGippslandMt HelenOnline
EQ4Graduate Diploma of MiningXXXStructureStructure
EY9.CIVMaster of Engineering Technology (Civil Engineering)XXXStructureX
EY9.EPSMaster of Engineering Technology (Renewable Energy and Electrical Power Systems)XXXStructureX
EY9.MECMaster of Engineering Technology (Mechanical Engineering)XXXStructureX
EY9.MINMaster of Engineering Technology (Mining Engineering)XXXStructureX
GEM4Graduate Diploma of Engineering Maintenance ManagementXXXXStructure
GMR9Master of Maintenance and Reliability EngineeringXXXXStructure
MC9Master of Engineering Project ManagementXXXStructureX

Information technology

CodeProgramBerwickBrisbane Gippsland Mt HelenOnline
CG4.EB Graduate Diploma of Technology
(Enterprise Systems and Business Analytics)
XX XStructureStructure
CG4.SE Graduate Diploma of Technology
(Software Engineering
XX XStructure Structure
CG9.EB Master of Technology
(Enterprise Systems and Business Analytics)
XStructure XStructureStructure
CG9.SE Master of Technology
(Software Engineering)
XStructure XStructureX