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School of Engineering, Information Technology and Physical Sciences

Prof Manzur Murshed - HDR completions

Student: Chowdhury, A

  • Thesis title: Gene regulatory network reconstruction using time-delayed S-system
    model (2014)

Student: Sabrina, T

  • Thesis title: Privacy preservation without compromising data integrity (2014)

Student: Morshed, N

  • Thesis title: Modeling and learning realistic genetic interactions using dynamic
    Bayesian network and information theory (2013)

Student: Iqbal, A

  • Thesis title: Wireless sensor and event localization (2013)

Student: Alam, K

  • Thesis title: An event detection framework for wireless sensor networks (2013)

Student: Hasan, M

  • Thesis title: QoS Provisioning in Cognitive Radio Networks (2013)

Student: Ul-Haque, A

  • Thesis title: Exploiting Visual Cues for Human Action Understanding (2013)

Student: Sharna, S

  • Thesis title: Markov Decision Process based Vertical Handoff Management in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks (2012)

Student: Islam, K

  • Thesis title: Memetic Approach for Prediction of Low Resolution Protein Structures using Lattice Models (2012)

Student: Haque, M

  • Thesis title: Human Visual Perception Inspired Background Subtraction (2011)

Student: Yusuf, A

  • Thesis title: Multipath Cellular Networks for Quality Assured Multimedia Delivery (2009)

Student: Awrangjeb, M

  • Thesis title: Contour-based Corner Detection and Robust Geometric Point Matching
    Techniques (2009)

Student: Ali, M

  • Thesis title: Lossless Compression Using Cosets (2008)

Student: Al Azad, S

  • Thesis title: New Strategies for Efficient Video-on-Demand Systems (2007)

Student: Rahman, A

  • Thesis title: Temporal Texture Analysis Using Approximated Motion Measures (2007)

Student: Islam, M

  • Thesis title: Mobility Support Resource Management Schemes for Cellular Multimedia
    Networks (2005)

Student: Paul, M

  • Thesis title: Block-based Very Low Bit Rate Video Coding Techniques Using Pattern
    Templates (2005)

Student: Sorwar, G:

  • Thesis title: A Novel Distance-Dependent Thresholding Strategy for Block-based Performance
    Scalability and True Object Motion Estimation (2004)

Student: Karmakar, G

  • Thesis title: Fuzzy Rule Based Image Segmentation (2004)

Completed masters supervision

Student: Senanayake, M

  • Thesis title: Tracking of large crowds with a swarm of aerial robots (2016)

Student: Ferdaus, H

  • Thesis title: Enhanced IEEE 802.11 by Integrating Multiuser Dynamic OFDMA (2011)

Student: Yusuf, A

  • Thesis title: Efficient Temporal and Spatial Resolution Video Transcoding by Reusing
    Block based Motion Information (2004)