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Ashley Dyson - Research

Current research projects

  • Numerical slope stability analysis with Random Finite Element Methods (Batter Stability Project – DEDJTR, Energy Australia)
  • Performance of combined Discrete Fracture Networks and Random Fields for numerical slope stability analysis
  • Modelling piping erosion with the Material Point Method
  • Comparison of Local Average Subdivision and Karhunen–Loève expansion random fields for Random Finite Element Method simulation

Research publications/conferences

  1. Tolooiyan, A., Dyson, AP., Karami, M., Shaghaghi, T., Ghadrdan M., 2020.  Investigation of Victorian brown coal permeability variation.  Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment.
  2. Dyson, AP., Tolooiyan, A., 2019.  Comparative Approaches to Probabilistic Finite Element Methods for Slope Stability Analysis.  Simulation Modelling Theory and Practice.
  3. Dyson, AP.Tolooiyan, A., 2019. Prediction and classification for finite element slope stability analysis by random field comparison. Computers and Geotechnics.
  4. Dyson, AP., Tolooiyan, A., 2019. Probabilistic investigation of RFEM topologies for slope stability analysis. Computers and Geotechnics.
  5. Dyson, AP., Tolooiyan, A., 2019.  Random Finite Element Method Considerations for Slope Stability Analysis of Large Open-Pit Mines.  The Fourth Australasian Conference on Computational Mechanics 2019.
  6. Dyson, AP.Tolooiyan, A., 2019.  Bayesian analysis of Random Finite Element Method slip surfaces for slope stability.  The 5th ISRM Young Scholars' Symposium on Rock Mechanics and International Symposium on Rock Engineering for Innovative Future 2019.
  7. Dyson, AP., Tolooiyan, A., 2018. Optimisation of strength reduction finite element method codes for slope stability analysis, Innovative Infrastructure Solutions
  8. Tolooiyan, A., Dyson, AP., Karami, M.Shaghaghi, T., and Ghadrdan, M., 2018. Application of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to detect joints in organic soft rock. Geotechnical Testing Journal.
  9. Dyson, AP., Tang, Z., Tolooiyan, A., 2018. Use of stochastic XFEM in the investigation of heterogeneity effects on the tensile strength of intermediate geotechnical materials, Finite Elements in Analysis and Design.
  10. Dyson, AP.Tolooiyan, A. and Mackay, R., 2018. Advanced strength reduction search strategies applied to finite element analysis of slope stability. Slope Stability 2018.

Professional memberships and associations

  • Member – Australian Geomechanics Society (AGS)
  • Member – International Association for Computer Methods and Advances in Geomechanics (IACMAG)
  • Member – International Association of Mathematical Geosciences (IAMG)
  • Member – Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI)
  • Committee Member – Latrobe Valley Geotechnical Group (LVGG)
  • Reviewer – Geotechnical and Geological Engineering
  • Reviewer – Applied Clay Science

Potential honours and PhD projects

Please inquire with Ashley for potential topics.

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