School of Engineering, Information Technology and Physical Sciences


Name Title and section/area Email Location Phone
Bennett, BrookeCoordinator, (Mt Helen)53279830
Brunelle, Leo Program Support Officer, Student Y (Mt Helen) 53279924
Davis, BecCoordinator, School Y (Mt Helen) 53279078
Davison, StephanieSchools Engagement Y (Mt Helen) 53279373
Gass, Nadine Program Support Officer, Partners and Y (Mt Helen) 53279076
Hrynyszyn, LouiseSchool Services Administrative (Mt Helen)51226566
Maddox, GenSchool Services (Mt Helen)53276912
McKay, Julie Program Support Officer, Y (Mt Helen) 53279906
Wade, Helen School Services Officer, Y (Mt Helen) 53276314
Zukauskas, Amy Program Support Officer Y (Mt Helen) 53276109