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Post-fire performance of high strength steel in composite structural components

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Post-fire performance of high strength steel in composite structural components


Dr. Fatemeh Javidan, Dr Amin Heidarpour (Monash University), Prof. Riadh Al-Mahaidi (Swinburne University)

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Dr Fatemeh Javidan (

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The application of high strength steel is increasing in civil construction specifically as a reinforcing or confining element in composite structures. Recent research has broadly focused on the design of steel and concrete structures against fire, but there is a need to conduct further investigations on composite concrete and high strength steel components. In addition to the fire design of structures, there should be sufficient understanding of the post-fire performance of structures after the occurrence of such events. In case of the event of a fire, it is vital to assess the preserved material properties to estimate the load bearing capacity of the entire structure. This project aims to develop a comprehensive experimental and analytical study to predict the preserved mechanical properties of composite structures which have experienced extreme elevated temperatures. This will lead to having an accurate prediction of the extent of required material and structural rehabilitation for the expected occupation levels. Based on the obtained results, the performance levels of structural components are also predicted to assess the extent of compliance of structure with safely and performance required in current Australian building regulations.