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An adaptive framework for Blockchain Technology’s (BCT) security and privacy strategies

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An adaptive framework for Blockchain Technology’s (BCT) security and privacy strategies


Dr Mehmood Chadhar, Dr Sasha Ivkovic, Professor Iqbal Gondal & Ms Sally Firmin

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Dr Mehmood Chadhar –

Description of the project:

BCT widely known for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, is a technology that works as a platform for decentralised transactions and data management. BCT is a solution to overcome the issues in digital business world; for example, lack of trusted partnership, security breaches, cybercrime, increasing regulations and frauds, which are main hurdles in flourishing digital industries. There are numerous benefits of BCT such as e-voting system, better healthcare, HRM, network intrusion detection, government auditing, supply chain and industry 4.0. Google reported blockchain (Bitcoin) as the top second trend in its global news category for year 2017 (Google, 2017). However, the both academic and commercial literature revealed that organisations are not heavily implementing BCT. One of the main reasons for this lack of adoption is security and trust issues associated with BCT. The aim of this project is to propose a framework that highlights and classifies the security related issues and provide strategies to address these issues. The project is expected to have a significant impact on BCT adoption, implementation and usage by providing an in-depth explanation and understanding of security challenges and relevant rectifying strategies based on rigorous research.