Centre for Informatics and Applied Optimization (CIAO)

School of Engineering, Information Technology and Physical Sciences



Associate Professor Adil Bagirov Non-smooth, non-convex optimisation Adil Bagirov
Associate Professor Alex Kruger Variational analysis, optimisation Alex Kruger
Dr Musa Mammadov Non-smooth, non-convex optimisation Musa Mammadov
Dr Sona Taheri Non-smooth, non-convex optimisation Sona Taheri
Dr Nargiz Sultanova Non-smooth, non-convex optimisation Nargiz Sultanova

Honorary researchers

Prof Jean-Pierre Crouzeix University Blaise Pascal, France Variational analysis, optimisation
Prof Marco Antonio López Cerdá University of Alicante, Spain Variational analysis, optimisation
Prof Michel Théra University of Limoges, France Variational analysis, optimisation
Prof Jíří Outrata Institute of Information Theory and Automation of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic Variational analysis, optimisation
Prof Phan Quoc Khanh International University, Vietnam National University Variational analysis, optimisation
Dr Zari Dzalilov Federation University Australia Optimisation
Dr Nadezda Sukhorukova Swinburne University of Technology Optimisation, approximation theory
Dr Julien Ugon Deakin University Optimisation, approximation theory
Prof Fusheng Bai Chongqing Normal University, China Optimisation
Prof Zhiyou Wu Chongqing Normal University, China Optimisation
Prof Anatoli Ivanov Pennsylvania State University, USA Optimisation
Dr Jiapu Zhang Deakin University Optimisation

CIAO was founded by Professor Alex Rubinov (1940 – 2006) back in 2001 as the Centre in Applied Optimisation. The current Optimisation group within CIAO is the direct heir to that CIAO. It includes Professor Rubinov's former PhD students Adil Bagirov, Musa Mammadov and Julien Ugon and continues world class research in optimisation theory and methods as well as industrial and other applications.

CIAO researchers are among the world leaders in the development of numerical algorithms for global, non-smooth and non-convex optimisation including large systems. Significantly more powerful than many traditional approaches, these methods are capable of addressing problems with thousands of variables to achieve important productivity benefits. Tailored algorithms developed by CIAO researchers do not require large-scale computing infrastructure.

Other directions of research include variational analysis, optimality conditions, stability of optimisation and variational problems, duality theory.

CIAO has been involved in a number of optimisation-related Australian Research Council Discovery and Linkage projects as well as industrial applications in diverse areas such as e.g. resource allocation, water and gas management, use of office space.