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Centre for Informatics and Applied Optimization (CIAO)

School of Engineering, Information Technology and Physical Sciences

Photos and videos

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12 Dec CIAO seminar: Prof Ewa Bednarczuk and Prof Marco Lopez Cerda Photos
14 Nov Alexander Rubinov Memorial Lecture: Dr Marcy Robertson Video
17 Oct CIAO seminar: Dr Nadia Sukhorukova Photos
11 Oct CIAO seminar: Dr Tim Trudgian Photos
29 Aug CIAO seminar. Prof Fusheng Bai Photos
15 Aug Research forum: Research journey: Personal experience. Prof Alex Kruger Photos
13 Jun Research forum: Research: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow. Prof Sidney Morris Photos
2 May Research seminar. Nguyen Duy Cuong Photos
9 Apr CIAO showcase, workshop and forum Photos
28 Mar CIAO seminar: Dr Matthew Tam Photos
21 Mar Research seminar: Ms Hoa Bui Photos
8 Mar IWD research seminar. Dr Taiwo Oseni Photos
15 Jan Confirmation of Candidature: Nguyễn Duy Cường Photos
11 Jan CIAO seminar: Dr Benjamin Schroeter Photos


13 Dec CIAO meeting Photos
12 Dec CIAO seminar: A/Prof David Yost Photos
29 Nov - 1 Dec Melbourne. WoMBaT 3 Photos and videos
8 Nov Alexander Rubinov Memorial Lecture: Prof Kate Smith-Miles Photos Video
25 Oct CIAO seminar: Nguyen Duy Cuong Photos
27 Sep CIAO seminar: Dr Vera Roshchina Photos
20 Sep CIAO seminar: Dr Rolando Trujillo Photos
13 Sep CIAO seminar: A/Prof David Yost Photos
6 Sep CIAO seminar: Prof Sidney Morris Photos
30 Aug CIAO Research Forum Photos
24 Jul IEEE Authorship Workshop Photos
5 Jul CIAO seminar: A/Prof David Yost Photos
26 Jun CIAO seminar: Dr Minh Dao Photos
14 Jun CIAO seminar: A/Prof Alex Kruger Photos
17 May CIAO seminar: A/Prof Adil Bagirov Photos
12 Apr CIAO Showcase and Workshop Photos
22 Feb CIAO seminar: Prof Asen Dontchev Photos
19-21 Feb VADU2018 Photos


11-12 Dec Hong Kong. Workshop on Variational Analysis and Stochastic Optimisation Photos
4-10 Dec Perth. Joint Optimisation Conferences Photos
30 Nov - 2 Dec Melbourne. WoMBaT 2 Photos
3 Jul; 3, 10 Aug; 28 Nov With visitors Photos
10 Nov CIAO meeting Photos
19-22 Sep Prague. Paraopt XI Photos
14 Sep Alexander Rubinov Memorial Lecture: Prof John S Croucher Photos Video
14 Sep ARC Workshop Photos
27 Apr CIAO Showcase and Workshop Photos
10 Jan CIAO seminar: Prof Asen Dontchev Photos


13-14 Dec Hong Kong. Workshop on Variational Analysis with Applications Photos
7-10 Dec Quy Nhon, Vietnam. New Trends In Optimization and Variational Analysis for Applications Photos
28 Nov Hanoi. International Workshop Variational Analysis and Optimization Theory Photos
24 Nov Melbourne. WoMBaT Photos
21 Nov Prof Marco Lopez in Mt Helen Photos
3 Nov Alexander Rubinov Memorial Lecture: Prof Nalini Joshi Photos Video
13 Oct CIAO seminar: A/Prof Alex Kruger Photos
10-16 Jul Creswick. Matrix Workshop Photos
6 Apr CIAO Workshop and Showcase Photos


12 Nov Alexander Rubinov Memorial Lecture: Dr Mark Lawrence Photos Video
20 Jul Visitor Lunch Photos
1 Jul Visiting academics from Naresuan University, Thailand Photos
16-17 Apr Ballarat. Workshop on Continuous Optimization Photos
16 Apr CIAO Showcase Photos
23 Feb Books' Launch Photos
8-12 Feb Adelaide. South Pacific Continuous Optimization Meeting Photos
21-25 Jan Chiang Rai, Thailand. The Ninth International Conference on Nonlinear Analysis and Convex Analysis Photos
14-16 Jan Naresuan University, Thailand. Workshop on Nonlinear Analysis and Optimization Photos


15 Dec Visitor Lunch at Peter Laylor Photos
10 Dec Melbourne. AustMS meeting Photos
6 Nov Alexander Rubinov Memorial Lecture: Prof Geoff Prince Photos
28-30 Jul Naresuan University (Thailand). The 8th Asian Conference on Fixed Point Theory and Optimization Photos
22-24 Jul Naresuan University (Thailand). Workshop on Optimization Theory and Applications Photos
24 Apr With visitors: Prof Phan Quoc Khanh and Ms Huynh Thi Hong Diem Photos
16-17 Apr Constructive Optimization Workshop Photos


4-17 Dec Visit by Prof Aris Daniilidis, Prof Ewa Bednarczuk and A/Prof Regina Burachik Photos
28-30 Nov 6th Australia - China Workshop on Optimization Photos
19 Nov Seminar by Prof Marco Lopez and Prof Michel Thera Photos
14 Oct Alexander Rubinov Memorial Lecture: Prof Peter Taylor Photos Video
3-6 Sep Naresuan University. Lectures on Nonlinear and Variational Analysis Photos
10 Jul With Prof Alexander Ioffe Photos
31 Jan - 5 Feb Visit by Prof Jiri Outrata Photos


25 Sep Alexander Rubinov Memorial Lecture: Prof Manfred Lenzen Video
25 Jul With visitors Photos
8-11 Jul Vilnius. EURO 2012 Photos
2-4 Jul Limoges. IV Alicante - Elche - Limoges Meeting on Optimization Photos
18-23 Jun Saint-Petersburg. Constructive Nonsmooth Analysis and Related Topics Photos
16 Jan Global Optimization and Duality Workshop Photos


29 Jan Adelaide. Optimization and Control Day Photos


  Visitors: Prof Juan Enrique Martinez Legaz, Prof Albert Ferrer, Prof Bernd Kummer, Prof Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber, Prof Phan Quoc Khanh Photos


2-9 Jul Orlando, Florida. WCNA 2008 Photos
4-10 Jun Baku Photos


16-19 Dec Shanghai. China-Australia Workshop on Optimization Photos
12-15 Dec Kobe, Japan. ICOTA7 Photos
7 Dec Melbourne. Optimization Day Photos
8 Sep Alex Rubinov Memorial Workshop Photos
4-10 Jul Prague. EUROPT OMS 2007 Photos


28-30 Nov The 5th Ballarat Workshop on Global and Non-Smooth Optimization Photos
27 Nov With Prof Jiri Outrata Photos
30 Jun - 1 Jul Reykjavik, Iceland. 5th EUROPT Workshop on Advances in Continuous Optimization Photos
24 Feb CIAO seminar: Prof Bernd Kummer Photos


9 Dec CIAO seminar: Prof Jiri Outrata Photos
22-25 May Baku. The 1st International Conference on Control and Optimization with Industrial Applications Photos
19-20 May Moscow. Optimization and Control Conference Photos
16-18 May Minsk. International Conference “Control Problems and Applications (Technology, Industry, Economy)” Photos


7-11 Dec ICOTA6 Photos
2-6 Dec With Prof Vladimir Demyanov Photos
1 Oct Melbourne. AustMS meeting Photos
25-31 Jul Chongqing. The Third International Conference on Optimization and Control with Applications (OCA2004) Photos
27 May CIAO visitors Photos
9-13 Feb Wellington, NZ. Victoria International Conference 2004 Photos


15-16 Dec Melbourne. Continuous Optimization and Optimal Control Workshop Photos