Centre for Informatics and Applied Optimization (CIAO)

School of Engineering, Information Technology and Physical Sciences


Name Website Logo
Australian Mathematical Society http://www.austms.org.au/ austms 
Australia and New Zealand Industrial and Applied Mathematics (ANZIAM) http://www.anziam.org.au/ anziam
Mathematics of Computation and Optimisation. Special Interest Group of the AustMS http://www.mocao.org  
SigmaOpt: ANZIAM Special Interest Group In Mathematical Optimisation  sigmaopt 
Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute http://amsi.org.au/ amsi 
Australian Research Council http://www.arc.gov.au/ arc 
Australian Academy of Science http://www.science.org.au/ aas
Priority Research Centre for Computer-Assisted Research Mathematics and its Applications, University of Newcastle https://carma.newcastle.edu.au/ carma 
RMIT Optimisation Group https://sites.rmit.edu.au/rmitopt/  
MATRIX Institute https://www.matrix-inst.org.au/ matrix 
Center for Mathematical Modeling, University of Chile http://www.cmm.uchile.cl/ cmm 
EURO: the Association of European Operational Research Societies https://www.euro-online.org/  
EUROPT - The Continuous Optimization Working Group of EURO https://www.euro-online.org/websites/continuous-optimization/euro