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Multimedia signal processing and management

This focuses on two challenging issues:

  1. reducing storage and communication bandwidth requirement by developing innovative compression techniques.
  2. extracting and representing multimedia features for efficient indexing and retrieval.
  3. investigating sophisticated artificial intelligence techniques that can be applied to a diverse range of applications from business intelligence to biological data analysis.

Current research projects include:

Data map overlay

  • Very low bit rate video compression: this Australian Research Council Discovery Project is developing a real time pattern-base low bit rate video coding for low powered and limited processing electronics devices.
  • Automatic multimedia information indexing and retrieval: to develop techniques for automatic feature extraction, indexing and retrieval of digital audio, image and video.
  • Image database visualisation: to provide effective content overview.
  • Advanced image processing including image segmentation, face recognition and applications in medical imaging.

Multimedia communications and sensor networks

This aims to provide ubiquitous and seamless communication with multimedia capability, and to conduct remote monitoring and surveillance.

Current research projects include:

  • Enhancing mobile multimedia communications by exploiting the mobility of information devices.
  • Developing innovative protocols to efficiently use network resources.
  • Wireless ad-hoc networks.
  • Wireless sensor networks to provide remote monitoring and surveillance.
  • Quality of service provision for multimedia and wireless communications.
  • Spectrum management in cognitive radio.

Artificial intelligence

Research on artificial intelligence focuses on theory and applications including:

  • Bayesian learning
  • data mining
  • machine learning
  • neural networks
  • evolutionary algorithms
  • bioinformatics

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