School of Engineering, Information Technology and Physical Sciences

Centre for Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Artificial Intelligence Research (MCCAIR)

Developing innovative multimedia concepts, technologies and applications

We conduct research in three main areas.

Multimedia signal processing and management

We reduce storage and communication bandwidth using innovative compression techniques, extract and represent multimedia features for efficient indexing and retrieval, and invest sophisticated artificial intelligence techniques. We have significant expertise in coding standards of different aspects of multimedia, especially in JPEG and MPEG, and robust features with applications ranging from communications through inexpensive devices to remote surveillance to medical imaging.

Multimedia communication and sensor networks

We improve communication systems, including network resource management, mobile communications, and emerging technologies like wireless sensors and mesh networks. We deal with intelligent processing of communication data including multimedia elements with applications ranging from high speed mobile internet access to medical applications.

Artificial intelligence

With an increasingly vast amount of data being generated by businesses, online social networks and biological findings, there is a pressing need to develop sophisticated techniques to mine those data for useful knowledge. In this research area we develop artificial intelligence and data mining theory and tools that can be applied to a diverge range of applications from business intelligence to biological data analysis.

A particular emphasis is given to develop and apply techniques to bioinformatics.