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School of Engineering, Information Technology and Physical Sciences

Centre for Multimedia Computing Communications and Artificial Intelligence Research

Prof Manzur Murshed

Prof Manzur Murshed

Manzur Murshed is a Professor and Federation University Australia's Robert HT Smith Professor and Personal Chair (formerly Monash University, Gippsland Campus), and is the Director of the Centre for Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Artificial Intelligence Research (MCCAIR). Prof Murshed's research interests include video coding and transcoding, algorithms and complexity analysis, multimedia communications, wireless communications and video indexing and retrieval.

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Prof Guojun Lu

Prof Guojun LuGuojun Lu is a professor in the School of Engineering and Information Technology. He is director of education, working closely with Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) on curriculum and education programs. Guojun is working on an ARC DP project and supervising an ARC DECRA project. Research interests include content-based image retrieval, audio classification and retrieval, quality of service guarantee in multimedia communication.

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Prof Kai Ming Ting

Research interests
Data mining, machine learning, information retrieval.

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Prof Joarder Kamruzzaman

Research interests
Computer communication and networking, sensor networks, computational intelligence, bioinformatics.

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Assoc Prof Madhusudan Chetty

Research interests
Computational intelligence, bioinformatics, optimisation, grid computing, intelligent control, modelling complex systems.

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Dr Dengsheng Zhang

Research interests
Automatic music feature extraction, classification and annotation, image analysis and retrieval, optical music recognition, video analysis.

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Dr Gour Karmakar

Research interests
Multimedia computing.

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Dr Shyh Wei Teng

Research interests
Image processing, retrieval, and registration; machine learning.

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Dr Tanveer Choudhury

Research interests

Mechatronics, machine learning, predictive control systems, artificial intelligence

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Mr Shane Moore

Research interests
Component based software, and intelligent agent systems.

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Research fellows

Dr Mortuza Ali

Research interests
Information and coding theory, multimedia signal processing and electronic voting.

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