School of Engineering, Information Technology and Physical Sciences

Mathematical science

You'll develop an advanced ability in mathematical methods, reasoning and problem solving in three main areas of mathematics: analysis, algebra and statistics. In addition to a broad base of mathematical knowledge, you'll become proficient in communicating about mathematics, both orally and in writing. Your study will allow you to develop your skills by applying theories, principles and concepts of mathematics to real-world situations.

Whether you want to land a position in a quantitative field such as finance, economics, computer programming or statistics, or further your studies so you can ultimately pursue a career as a mathematician, the Bachelor of Mathematical Science provides a strong foundation for building your future.

Employers in a range of industries seek graduates with quantitative, analytical and problem-solving skills. Your degree will develop your quantitative and critical-thinking skills, highly valued in the workplace, and prepare you for a career in variety of fields:

  • Business
  • Actuarial firms
  • Financial services firms
  • Utility companies
  • Education
  • Consulting
  • Operations research firms
  • Insurance agencies
  • Technical journals

The Bachelor of Mathematical Science is suitable for school leavers, and mature age students without tertiary qualifications who are wanting to return to study.

If you decide to continue your studies, your bachelor degree is a good foundation (and normally a pre-requisite) for: