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Mobile app development

In a world of constantly evolving technologies an information technology qualification will enable you to pursue a career in any industry you choose and help you play an important role in changing the world.

Mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets are now the most common way for us to access and interact with computing services, whether through websites, email, messaging, voice or video.

Demand for high-quality mobile applications (apps) is massive, but to create these apps we need experts in programming, system architecture, design, user experience, networking and security. The Bachelor of Information Technology (Mobile App Development) places you at the forefront of these areas - and through Android, the most popular mobile operating system in the world, will equip you with skills required to create the mobile applications that will drive the future.

Mobile platforms are revolutionising how people communicate, shop, conduct business, organise their lives, measure their health and well-being, access news, and are entertained. Positions in mobile application development are expected to grow faster than any other industry between 2010-2020, particularly in the biggest selling platform – Android. Experts have been comparing the mobile device market to the internet explosion from the mid 1990s.

There are a huge range of positions available to qualified mobile application developers. For instance:

  • Game developers building the latest big hits
  • Advertising and marketing building branded applications for clients
  • Media firms using mobile as a content distribution platform
  • Government agencies, financial institutions opening their core services to mobile users
  • Healthcare providers and real estate agencies to improve services to clients.

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