School of Engineering, Information Technology and Physical Sciences

IT specialisations

An IT degree will enable you to pursue a career in any industry you choose and help you play an important role in changing the world.

IT is a pervasive part of today's world and is a vital component across every organisation and industry. From the computer games industry, business, management, finance, government organisations to the health, resources, education and hospitality sectors - information technology is central to keeping an organisation running.

While the Bachelor of Information Technology will provide you with a fundamental knowledge of IT and allow you to keep your options wide open in the industry, we also recognise the need for expert IT specialists. We have developed a suite of specialisations that will ensure you can follow the career path of your dreams.

Undergraduate specialisations

Business systems

A specialisation in business systems will equip you with the skills to study the overall business and information needs of an organisation, in order to develop solutions to business and related systems problems. Your role commences in the first stages of the system design, and continues through the building and programming stages of the systems development process. You will work closely with clients to identify their requirements and will construct information technology (IT) definitions based on identified needs of the organisation.

Computer games

Games developers design, create and produce computer or video games and other graphically based software in a range of industries. Graduates will work in development teams as artists, programmers, producers and marketing staff – creating detailed design documentation, preparing and designing graphics, animations and images for editing, and testing of designs. Graduates may also work in many other industries including, but not limited to, mobile application development, health, armed forces, education and automotive. The games industry is one of the most lucrative industries in the world, even out earning Hollywood.

Mobile application development and security

Demand for high-quality mobile applications (apps) is massive, but to create these apps we need experts in programming, system architecture, design, user experience, networking and security. The Bachelor of Information Technology (Mobile Application Development and Security) places you at the forefront of these areas - and through Android,  the most popular mobile operating system in the world, will equip you with skills required to create the mobile applications that will drive the future.

Professional practice

Developed in conjunction with IBM to produce graduates who have an appreciation of the culture of work as an entrepreneur and business IT professional, you will combine university studies and practical experience to greatly enhance your employment opportunities anywhere in the world. Students who successfully complete this program will be offered a position at IBM on completion of their studies. Students may choose to focus on software applications or enterprise computing.

Software engineering

Engineer the software products of the future from the smallest apps to the largest most bullet proof systems for secure financial systems or large event management. As a software engineer you will create, maintain and modify computer and software programs such as operating systems, communications software, utility programs, compilers and database handlers. You will also evaluate new programming tools and techniques and analyse current software products. Graduates will find employment in a variety of industries with the production of medium to large scale software.

Graduate program specialisations

Enterprise systems

Graduates of the enterprise systems* stream will be immersed into an ever-changing, IT global economic landscape, where a shortage of skilled IT workers in new growth areas such as cloud computing, mobility, data warehousing, business intelligence, and big data techniques is prominent. This stream also includes courses that utilise SAP and provide the option of SAP training and certification – the world's largest enterprise software company.

* Graduates may wish to undertake SAP training and certification (cost additional to standard tuition fees) - please visit our Course Finder for further information.

Software engineering

Graduates of the software engineering stream will also have the specialist knowledge required to understand and implement advanced software engineering techniques - design, implement and maintain IT systems using a well-informed software engineering approach and create high quality software in a systematic and efficient manner. Graduates may gain employment in a wide range of industries including security and defence, education, aerospace, health, business and finance.