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Mineral processing

Mineral processors work at mine sites in concentrators and metal recovery operations, and research and development laboratories. They apply their knowledge to control and improve the processes that separate, concentrate and recover valuable minerals and metals from the natural ores. Mineral processors are also exposed to career opportunities in other technical, management and leadership roles.

Bachelor of Science students can undertake a major or a minor study in mineral processing.

Specialised studies in mineral processing include fundamental concepts of a comminution, classification and gravity separation, the analysis of structural configuration and operating parameters of machineries, equipment performance and design of comminution, classification and concentration process flow-sheets. Students will learn the concepts of a separation system, tailing management and mine rehabilitation.

There is emphasis placed on communication skills, computer literacy, data analysis, and a strong applied component involving field excursions and laboratory practicals.

FedUni’s mineral processing graduates are sought after by industry, and to date, have all gained employment in the field soon after completing their studies. This industry has traditionally offered high starting salaries, and our strong industry networks with regional Victorian mines has led to opportunities for students to undertake placements and to continue their learning in the workplace, before completing their studies.

Career opportunities

Our mineral processing graduates have gained employment across Australia and internationally in areas such as:

  • Metallurgist- Extractive/general
  • Mineral processors/metallurgist
  • Hydrometallurgist
  • Metallurgy/Mineral processing- Consulting
  • Metallurgy/Mineral processing- Research
  • Mine management
  • Mine site rehabilitation.


Student profile

Sean Murphy

Bachelor of Science - majoring in Mineral Processing and a minor in Earth Materials.

I studied VCE at Kardinia International College in Bell Post Hill, Geelong and graduated in 2011. I enrolled in the Bachelor of Applied Science (Geology) and after 2 years of study, transferred into the Bachelor of Science in 2015. My interests had changed, and there are greater employment opportunities in mineral processing.

The best part about studying mineral processing are the class practicals that simulate real industrial procedures.

Time spent living on residence would be the highlight of my time at Federation University. This gave me the opportunity to utilise all of the university facilities and to network closely with my lecturers.

Being a member of the AusIMM program has been very beneficial in networking with industry professionals and understanding how to transition into the minerals industry. The science faculty have helped organise on campus seminars to bring these opportunities to students.

My priority is to be successful in getting a graduate metallurgist role. I would also be happy with attaining a process technician position at a mine site to build on my mine experience that would assist in getting a more lucrative, specified job as a plant metallurgist.