School of Engineering, Information Technology and Physical Sciences


Discover geology, the study of the earth. A degree in geoscience will enable you to understand and appreciate the planet, including its history and composition, and the dynamic systems that shape the earth's surface. The geoscience program at FedUni is wide-ranging, whilst allowing students to specialise in exploration or environmental geology.

You will be equipped with the skills required to find, map and evaluate the physical, chemical and biological processes that shape our planet. In addition to the fundamentals of geology, emphasis is placed on communication skills, computer literacy, data analysis, and a strong applied component involving frontier range experiences. You will learn the processes that allow us to extract natural resources while ensuring a safe, natural balance is retained. The program is structured around a mixture of lectures, field excursions and laboratory practicals, with the aim of providing a fundamental understanding of the science of geology and practical career skills.

Career opportunities

Geology graduates have gained employment across Australia and internationally in areas such as:

  • Extractive industries
  • Natural resources exploration
  • Environmental science
  • Environmental consultancy
  • Hydrogeology
  • Engineering geological


Our Bachelor of Science (Honours) will open up opportunities that can lead to world class research in a number of areas.