School of Education

Scott Jukes

Position: Lecturer
Discipline: Outdoor Environmental Education
Location: Mt Helen Campus, Room T306
Phone: 03 5327 6168


  • Master of Outdoor Education and Environment - La Trobe University - 2018
  • Bachelor of Exercise Science - Australian Catholic University - 2007



  • Bachelor of Outdoor and Environmental Education
  • Bachelor of Sport, Physical and Outdoor Education
  • Bachelor of Health and Physical Education


  • Outdoor Living and Travel Skills – Land (OEEDU1004)
  • Outdoor living and Travel Skills – Water (OEEDU1005)
  • Journeys in Outdoor and Environmental Education (OEEDU2100)
  • Adventure and Outdoor Recreation (OEEDU2500)
  • Outdoor Leadership and Experiential Learning (OEEDU2000)


Scott is an outdoor environmental educator in the School of Education. He has recently joined Federation University in a full-time capacity, having worked as a sessional lecturer since 2017. Scott has also previously worked at La Trobe University lecturing in outdoor environmental education and at Australian Catholic University lecturing in outdoor leadership. His teaching interests include journey-based practices, learning in river and mountain environments and sustainability education.

Scott’s research explores more-than-human pedagogies and how we think with and move through landscapes in outdoor environmental education. His research also experiments with posthuman and new materialist theory to provoke different ways of thinking about places, landscapes and environmental problems. Methodologically, Scott enacts what he calls immanent praxiography as an emergent mode of inquiry that acknowledges the entanglement of theory and practice in outdoor environmental education.

Research interests

  • Places/landscapes and learning
  • More-than-human entanglement
  • Environmental precarity
  • Posthuman education
  • New Materialisms
  • Post qualitative inquiry
  • Post paradigmatic inquiry
  • Emergent and creative approaches to research


Book chapters

Stewart, A., Jukes, S., Mikaels, J., & Mangelsdorf, A. (2021) Reading landscapes: Engaging with places. In: Thomas, G., Dyment, J., & Prince, H. (Eds) Outdoor Environmental Education in Higher Education. International perspectives in Outdoor and Environmental Education, (pp. 201-213). Springer, Cham.

Refereed journal articles

Jukes, S., Clarke, D., Mcphie, J. (2021). The wisp of an outline - Storying ontology as environmental inquiry - education. Australian Journal of Environmental Education, 1-17.

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Jukes, S. (2021). Thinking with a landscape: The Australian Alps, horses and pedagogical considerations. Australian Journal of Environmental Education,37(2), 89-107.

Jukes, S. (2020) Thinking through making: junk paddles, distant forests and pedagogical possibilities. Environmental Education Research, 26:12, 1746-1763.

Jukes, S. & Reeves, Y. (2020) More-than-human stories: experimental co- productions in outdoor environmental education pedagogy. Environmental Education Research, 26:9-10, 1294-1312,

Jukes, S., Stewart, A. & Morse, M. (2019) Acknowledging the agency of a more-than-human world: material relations on a Snowy River journey. Journal of Outdoor and Environmental Education 22, 93–111.

Refereed conference proceedings

Jukes, S. (2021) Reading more-than-human stories in the landscape. Adventure Tourism Research Association webinar series (Theme – Staying with the Trouble: Adventure in the Anthropocene, Capitalocene & Chthulucene).

Jukes, S. (2018) Thinking outdoor environmental education differently: material relations on a Snowy River journey. 8th International Outdoor Education Research Conference, University of the Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia.

Jukes, S. (2018) Nature, place, learning and ontology on a Snowy River journey. 2018 National Outdoor Education Conference, Hobart, Tas, Australia.

Book reviews

Jukes, S. (2020) Review of Developing place-responsive pedagogy in outdoor environmental education: A rhizomatic curriculum autobiography by Alistair Stewart. Journal of Outdoor and Environmental Education.23:3, 323-327

Jukes, S. (2020) Posthuman insights for environmental education. A review of Mental health and wellbeing in the Anthropocene: A posthuman inquiry, by Jamie Mcphie. 2019, Singapore: Springer Nature. €69.99, ISBN 978-981-13-3326-2., The Journal of Environmental Education, 51:5, 395-398


  • Paddle Australia
  • Australian Professional Snowsports Instructors