School of Education

Dr Anna Fletcher

Position: Lecturer
Study area: Education
Location: Gippsland Campus, Building 2S, Room 108
Phone: 5122 8012


Doctor of Philosophy - Charles Darwin University -2016

Master of Education - Charles Darwin University - 2006

Bachelor of Education - Stockholm University - 1996



  • Bachelor of Education (Primary)
  • Master of Teaching (Primary and Secondary)


  • Teacher as researcher (EDBED4109)
  • Policy & Practice (EDFGC5806)
  • Conducting a practitioner Inquiry (EDMAS6121)
  • Child and youth studies (EDBED1009)
  • Literacy, language and literature B (EDBED3111)
  • Perspectives on Curriculum and Assessment (EDBED400)


Dr Anna Fletcher is a lecturer in the School of Education at the Gippsland campus. She works closely with local schools in her work as a teacher educator and assessment researcher. Anna has established innovative partnerships with local schools to empower FedUni students with the necessary knowledge, skills and aptitudes to successfully participate in workplaces. Her provision of future-focused high-quality learning opportunities for students has been recognised in awards such as Vice-Chancellor’s Award, Early Career Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning, Federation University, 2017; and Faculty of Education Individual Award: Teaching Excellence, Charles Sturt University, 2015.

Anna represents FedUni on the National consortium of thirteen universities developing and implementing the Graduate Teaching Performance Assessment (GTPA). She is a highly active researcher with funded projects at regional level, who has instigated international research partnerships with impact on both local and wider communities. In August 2017, she was appointed Convenor of the Faculty Research Focus Area for Pedagogy, Curriculum, Assessment and Learner Engagement.

Areas of expertise

Anna researches in two main areas:

Assessment as learning (AaL)

AaL is a form of assessment which positions learners as critically reflective connectors between task requirements and the learning process. As such, it is a self-regulated learning (SRL) competence which entails the skills of reflection, task analysis, goal setting and monitoring one’s learning progress.  Framed by social cognitive theory, Anna’s research connects educational psychology concepts such as SRL, self-efficacy and help-seeking with educational practice research such as formative assessment and feedback, a field where the majority of research is informed by socio-cultural theory.

Teachers' capacity building

The second focus area of Anna’s research is teachers’ capacity building, which refers to teachers’ use of strategies and processes aimed at improving their practice through collaboration in a professional learning team. Her research in this field entails working in close partnership with local schools, such as the longitudinal study she is conducting as an invited ‘Critical Friend’. This critical-friendship research has in turn lead to an international collaboration with other critical-friendship scholars.

Research interests

Anna convenes the Faculty Research Focus area of Pedagogy, Curriculum, Assessment and Learner Engagement (PeCALE). Her research interests are:

  • Formative assessment
  • Self-regulated learning
  • Competence
  • Agency and self-efficacy
  • Literacy
  • International curricula


Present doctoral students:

Linda McGregor (Federation University) - “How does involvement in service-learning opportunities shape Pre-service teachers’ understanding of how students learn and the implications for teaching?” – Associate Supervisor

Wendy Holcombe (Federation University) - "The impact and influence of temperament type on high-functioning students with ASD in mainstream schools" - Associate Supervisor

Present masters students:

Rishi Prasad (Federation University) - “How does the use of GeoGebra in teaching Geometry and Trigonometry in Year 9 influence student understanding of relation mathematical concepts” – Associate Supervisor

Joanne Heeps (Federation University) - “What is the lived experience of adopting the use of a learning management system for TAFE teachers in the Business and Services Course Area” – Chief Supervisor


Book chapters

Fletcher, A.(in press). ‘An invited outsider or an enriched insider?’: Challenging contextual knowledge as a critical friend researcher. In S. Plowright, M. Green & N. Johnson (Eds.), Educational researchers and the regional university: Agents of regional-global transformation. Dordrecht: Springer

Fletcher, A.(2018). Assessment to develop students’ strategies and competence as learners. In M. Barnes, M. Gindidis & S. Phillipson (Eds.), Evidence-based learning and teaching: A Look into Australian Classrooms. Milton Park: Routledge

Refereed journal articles

Fletcher, A.(in press). Classroom assessment as a reciprocal practice to develop students’ agency: a social cognitive perspective. Assessment Matters. doi:

Fletcher, A. K. (2017). Help seeking: agentic learners initiating feedback. Educational Review, 1-20, [online article]. doi:10.1080/00131911.2017.1340871

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Fletcher, A., & Shaw, G. (2012). How does student-directed assessment affect learning? Using assessment as a learning process. International Journal of Multiple Research Approaches, 6(3), 245-263. doi:10.5172/mra.2012.6.3.245

Fletcher, A., & Shaw, G. (2011). How voice-recognition software presents a useful transcription tool for qualitative and mixed methods researchers. International Journal of Multiple Research Approaches, 5(2), 200-206. doi:10.5172/mra.2011.5.2.200

Research Grants

Investigators: Nicola Johnson, Monica Green & Anna Fletcher
Title: Regional pedagogies of Internet use and self development pilot project
Source: FedUni RSP Research Services, DVC (Research & Innovation) portfolio
Amount: $16,868

2016 – 2017
Investigators: Nicola Johnson, Anna Fletcher, Cheryl Glowrey, Nerissa Albon & Margaret Plunkett
Title: Evaluation of The Smith Family’s Lakes Entrance Schools and Community Hub
Source: The Smith Family
Amount: $45,000

Investigators: Cheryl Glowrey, Anna Fletcher
Title: The DOSSPA-FedUni Partnership Project: A regional secondary schools’ literacy network.
Source: Faculty of Education and Arts Small Grant, Federation University
Amount: $3,000


Glowrey, C., Plowright, S. & Fletcher, A. (2017). The DOSSPA Secondary Literacy Network 2016 Research Project Report.

Johnson, N. F., Plunkett, M., Fletcher, A., Glowrey, C. & Holcombe, W. (2017). Final Report: Evaluation of Lakes Entrance School and Community Hub (LESCH).

Johnson, N. F., Fletcher, A., Glowrey, C., Albon, N., Plunkett, M. & Holcombe, W. (2016). Interim Report: Evaluation of Lakes Entrance School and Community Hub (LESCH). Report for The Smith Family, November.

Refereed conference proceedings

Fletcher A (2016). Assessment as a student-driven, reciprocal practice: a recalibrated, social cognitive perspective. Peer-reviewed paper presented at The Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE) Annual International Conference, 27 Nov-1 Dec, 2016, Melbourne

Fletcher, A. (2016). Engaging students with assessment as learning: scaffolding classroom practice to build students’ self-efficacy and agentic engagement. Peer-reviewed paper presented at the Research and Innovation in Classroom Assessment (RICA), International Perspectives, 21-23 September, Brisbane.

Plowright, S., Glowrey, C., Green, M., Fletcher A., Harrison, D., Plunkett, M., Emmett, N. & Johnson, N. (2016). Reimagining and transforming identity as rural researchers and educators: A (con)textual fugue. Peer-reviewed paper presented at The Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE) Annual International Conference, 27 Nov-1 Dec, 2016, Melbourne

Fletcher, A. (2012). Using student-directed assessment as a learning process: A mixed methods study. Paper presented at the joint Australian Association of Educational Research (AARE) and Asia-Pacific Educational Research Association Conference, Sydney, Australia

Fletcher, A. (2012). How is students' creativity in writing affected by student-directed assessment? Paper presented at The Fourth Asian Conference on Education, Osaka, Japan.

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Fletcher, A. (2011) How to identify students for enrichment programs. Paper presented at the Northern Territory Association for the Education of Gifted and Talented (NTAEGT) annual meeting, Charles Darwin University, Australia

Other research details

Fletcher, A. (2015). Student-Directed Assessment as a learning process for primary students: A mixed-methods study. (Doctor of Philosophy Thesis), Charles Darwin University, Australia. Retrieved from


2017 -  Vice-Chancellor’s Award, Early Career Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning: ‘For outstanding and sustained implementation of research-led approaches to assessment design, coordination and development of teaching resources that promote enhanced learning’. Federation University

2015 - Faculty of Education Individual Award: Teaching Excellence, Faculty of Education, Charles Sturt University


  • Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE)