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School of Education

Brian Wattchow

Position: Senior Lecturer
Study Area: Sport, Outdoor and Physical Education
Location: Gippsland Campus
Phone: 5122 6527


BEd., Dip.T. (SACAE); MEd. (Calgary); PhD (Monash)

Teaching areas

  • Outdoor environmental education
  • Sports and physical education

Professional associations

  • Australian Canoe Federation
  • Editorial board of Journal of Outdoor Environmental Education

Grants and awards


2014 Faculty of Education, Monash University Engagement Grant for development and running of 1st International Sea Kayak Educators Symposium (in partnership with Outward Bound, Hong Kong) ($5000)

2011 Monash University, Faculty of Education Research Dissemination Grant ($1500)

2001 Bachelor of Sport and Outdoor Recreation Flexible Delivery Platform. Strategic Innovations Fund, Monash University. ($127,000AUS).

1999 Invited Friluftsliv International Censor. Norwegian University of Sport and Physical Education, Honorarium, ($5,000AUS).

1998 Theories and Practices of Environmental Educators in Victoria, Internal La Trobe University Grant, ($5,000AUS.


Mollie Holman Medal for outstanding postgraduate thesis from the Faculty of Education, Monash University (2006).
Postgraduate (Doctoral) Award of Distinction (2006) from the Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation (Victorian Branch).

Research interests

Place, experience and pedagogy; Outdoor and environmental education; Natural landscapes, travel and culture; Experiential pedagogies; Enskilment, taskscape and dwelling; Narrative identity; Qualitative research methods (phenomenology and hermeneutics, autoethnography, narrative inquiry, action research).

Supervised projects

Supervised PhD projects (completed)

Ang, D. (2015). Reflective practice in sports coaching: An autoethnographic exploration into one coach's lived experience.

Yeong, Poh Kiaw. (2013). Fostering Transformative Learning: Exploring Outdoor Leaders' Influence on Young Adults' Meaning Making Experiences in Adventure Education.

Supervised masters projects (completed)

Funnel, A. (2013). Experiencing risk: How outdoor instructors make everyday decisions in the field.

Learie, S. (2009). Changing lives, creating leaders: Transformational Environmental Education.

Mullins, M. (2007). Ways of knowing the river: A guides-in-training perspective.

Hobbs, D. (2007). An inquiry into extended stay outdoor education school programs in adolescent boys' education: An action research study.

Johnson, D. (2004). Student perspectives' on the impact and transfer of the Camp Mallana experience.

Spencer, K. (2004). How social constructions of gender influence the professional advancement of female outdoor educators-in-training.

Supervised honours projects (completed)

Hermann, A. (2010). When are we playing the game? A coach's autoethnographic account of four quarters of football.

Ongoing research supervision

Miles, B. Expeditionary sea kayaking and narrative identity. (Doctoral candidate)

Warner, J. Overseas youth expeditions and cultural competence. (Doctoral candidate)

Prins, A. Youth surfing, story and a sense of place. (Master of Education – Research candidate)

Rowe, E. Educators' ecological identities (Honours candidate)



Wattchow, B., Jeanes, R., Alfrey, L., T. Brown, Cutter-Mackenzie, A., O'Connor, J. (2014). The Socio-ecological Educator: A 21st Century Renewal of Sport, Physical, Health, Environment and Outdoor Education. Springer Press.

Wattchow, B. and Brown, M. (2011). Pedagogy of Place: Outdoor Education for a Changing World. Melbourne: Monash University Press.

Wattchow, B. (2010). Song of the Wounded River. Port Adelaide: Ginninderra Press.

Peer-reviewed papers and scholarly book chapters

Brown, M. and Wattchow, B. (2016). Enskilment and place-responsiveness in outdoor studies. In K. Henderson, B. Humberstone and H. Prince (Eds.), International Handbook of Outdoor Studies (pp. 435-443), London: Routledge.

Miles, B. and Wattchow, B. (2015). The mirror of the sea: Narrative identity, sea kayak adventuring and implications for outdoor adventure education. Australian Journal of Outdoor Education.18(1), 16-26.

Wattchow, B. and Brown, M. (2015). Programming for place-responsiveness: Enhancing adventure learning and outdoor travel. In R. Black and K. Bricker (Eds.), Adventure Programming and Travel for the 21st Century (pp. 35-47). Venture Publishing: USA.

Wattchow, B. (2015). Standing then floating: Searching for a sense of sea-place on the south coast of Australia. In M. Brown and B. Humberstone (Eds.), Seascapes: Sensual Geographies of the Sea (pp. 125-139). London: Ashgate.

Higgins, P. and Wattchow, B. (2013) The Water of Life: Creative non-fiction and lived experience on an interdisciplinary canoe journey on Scotland's River Spey. The Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Leadership, 13(1), pp. 18-35.

Wattchow, B. (2012). Ecopoetic practice: Writing the wounded land. Cultural Studies – Critical Methodologies, February 2012, 12(1), 15-21.

Payne, P. & Wattchow, B. (2009). Phenomenological deconstruction, slow pedagogy and the corporeal turn in wild environmental/outdoor education. Canadian Journal of Environmental Education. Vol. 14, 15-32.

Wattchow, B. (2008). Moving on an effortless journey: Paddling, river-places and outdoor education. Australian Journal of Outdoor Education. 12(2), 12-23.

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Wattchow, B. (2004). Many voices speak the river: Education in an adventure-river-landscape. Educational Insights, 9(1).

Wattchow, B. (2001). Pedagogy of production: Craft, technology and outdoor education. Australian Journal of Outdoor Education, 5(2), 19-27.