School of Education

Dr Aijing Jin

Dr Aijing Jin

Position: Lecturer
Study area: Education
Location: Mt Helen Campus, T Building, Room 313
Phone: 5327 9016


Doctor of Philosophy, Deakin University

Master of Science in Education, Missouri State University, USA

Bachelor of Science in Education, Liaoning Normal University, China

Graduate Certificate in Education (Tertiary Education), Federation University Australia



  • Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Birth to Y6)
  • Bachelor of Education (P-6, P-10)
  • Master of Teaching (Primary)


  • Health and Physical Education Curriculum (B-Y6, P-6 & P-10) (EDBED 1005)
  • Understanding and Expressing Ourselves (EDFGC 5703)
  • Teaching Primary Health and Physical Education (P-6) (EDGDP 6003)
  • Learners and Learning - (EDGDP 6002)
  • Successful Learners (EDBED 1003)


Dr. Aijing Jin was an Associate Professor in Liaoning Normal University in China prior to her PhD studies in Australia in 2004. She was the course coordinator for "Educational Statistics", "Sport Biomechanics" and "Physical Education and Health Curriculum" there for over than 10 years and worked with both undergraduates and postgraduates. Since July 2007, she has been working in the Faculty of Education and Arts, Federation University Australia, as the course coordinator of EDBED 1005, EDFGC 5703, EDGDP6003, EDMAS6040 and EDBED1018.

Research interests

  • Teacher education
  • Cross-cultural teacher education
  • HPE Curriculum and Pedagogy
  • Comparative education


Book chapters

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Refereed conference proceedings

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Conference presentations

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  • Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE)
  • Australian Teacher Education Association (ATEA)
  • Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation (ACHPER)