School of Education

Dr Alice Mills

Position: Adjunct Professor
Study area: Humanities and Social Sciences


Doctor of Philosophy – University of Ballarat
Grad Dip Applied Science – University of Ballarat – 1994
Master of Literature – University of Cambridge – 1972
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) – University of Adelaide – 1968


Alice studied literature and language at Adelaide and her M Litt was a study of William Blake’s poetry and art. She gained a graduate diploma in psychology at the (then) University of Ballarat and her Ph D thesis concerned the fiction and illustrations of Mervyn Peake. After tutoring in English literature at the University of New England, she was appointed as lecturer in literature and children’s literature at the University of Ballarat. Over the years, she taught a range of literature from ancient to modern, from myth to picture story book. She has also offered less formal classes in improvised drama, Jung, Latin, classical Greek and history of the English language. Alice is also a creative writer who has published both poetry and short fiction.

Research interests

  • Children’s literature
  • Fantasy fiction and film
  • Psychoanalytic and Jungian approaches to literature



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