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SJIDE recent publications

This page is regularly updated with publications that have recently come out.

Refereed journal articles

Algamdi, A. A., & Plunkett, M. (2018). Perceptions of Saudi male and female postgraduate students regarding the impact of social networking sites and apps on their academic life: A study of Umm Al-Qura University, Makkah. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning, 13(5), 19-40.

Aktaruzzaman, M., & Plunkett, M. (2017). Institutional and Community Perceptions of Distance Education in Bangladesh: Preparing for the 21st Century. Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education, 18(4), 20-34.

Burke, J., Redford, M., Coker, H., & McDonough, S. (2017). Developing international partnerships for teacher education through digital platforms: possibilities for transformational partnership. Journal of the World Federation of Associations of Teacher Education. 1(4).

Cooper, M. & Johnstone, C. (2017). Into the Unknown – Risk taking in intercultural experiences to develop resilience with socially and culturally inclusive teachers. In Proceedings of the 4th Asia Pacific Conference on Advanced Research (APCAR - Mar, 2017), Melbourne, Asia Pacific Institute of Advanced Research (APIAR). ISBN: 978-0-9953980-0-9

Johnstone, C. (2017). Adult education in, between and for stronger communities. In G. Kong and E. Boeren (Eds.), Adult Education for Inclusion & Diversity Conference Proceedings 2017 (pp. 240-246). Centre for Research in Education Inclusion & Diversity (CREID), University of Edinburgh, UK.

Book chapters

Burke, J., Plunkett, M., & Li, B. (2017). Peer enhancement of learning and teaching for teacher educators. In A. Garcia-Valcarcel, F. J. Garcia Penalvo, M. Martin Del Pozo (Eds.) Search and research: teacher education for contemporary contexts. (pp. 347-356). Salamanca, Espana: Ediciones de Universidad de Salamanca. ISBN: 978 84 9012 769 8

Plunkett, M. (2018). Gifted Students in Rural and Remote settings, in J. Jolly and J. Jarvis (Eds.), (Chapter 11, pp. 171-192), Exploring Gifted Education: Australian and New Zealand Perspectives. UK: Routledge.

Emmett, S., Glowrey, C., &. Johnson, N.(Forthcoming)Transforming futures for Koorie pre-schoolers in Gippsland through community-educative partnerships. Springer.

Glowrey, C., & Plowright, C. (Forthcoming).Transforming oral language: initial findings of a South Gippsland birth-year 6 education partnership. Springer.

Plunkett, M., & Dyson, M. (2019-under contract). ‘Broadening horizons’: raising youth aspirations through a Gippsland school/industry/university partnership, in S. Plowright, M. Green, & N. Johnson, (Eds) (Chapter 2, pp. X-X), Educational Researchers and the Regional University - Agents of regional-global transformation. Singapore: Springer.

Non-refereed conference papers and reports

Antoun, M., Kronborg, L., & Plunkett, M. (2017). The importance of culture in defining and accommodating giftedness: A Lebanese perspective. Paper presented at the 22nd Biennial World Council for Gifted and Talented Children World Conference: Global Perspectives in Gifted education, Sydney, Australia, July 20-23, 2017.

Burke, J. (2017). Teachers with impairments: In or out of the teaching profession? The Inclusive Education Summit 2017. Adelaide, SA.

Burke, J., & Claughton, A. (2017). Playing with or next to? The nuanced and complex play of children with impairments. (oral presentation)  The Inclusive Education Summit, October 28-30, Adelaide.

Burke, J., & Goriss-Hunter, A. Responding to student diversity by teaching for inclusion. Transformative Teacher Education in Local and Global Contexts, 2018 WFATE Conference, Melbourne.

Claughton, A. (2017, October). Conceptualising play and inclusion through a barriers to learning and learning portals framework. (oral presentation) The Inclusive Education Summit, Adelaide.

Coyle, J., Freire, K., Wood, D., Wilding, C., Taylor, D., Ganguly, R., Burke, J., Downing, L., & Siliézar, L. (2018). The influence of disability, socioeconomic status and regionality on higher education access and participation. Research report.

Coyle, J., Freire, K., Wood, D., Wilding, C., Taylor, D., Ganguly, R., Burke, J., Downing, L., & Siliézar, L. (2018). The influence of disability, socioeconomic status and regionality on higher education access and participation: Practical advice for stakeholders working with students with disability. HEPPP NPP Report.

Elvey, M. (2017). Is teacher registration missing the mark in inclusive education? (oral presentation) The Inclusive Education Summit 2017. Adelaide, SA.

Emmett, S. (2017). Working with families and children –Gender Based Violence within Early

Years contexts. Maternal and Child Health Conference. Victoria. Australia.

Emmett, S. & Schmidt Neven, R. (2017). Respectful Relationships and Responsive Engagement: An interactive conversation. Association of Graduates in Early Childhood Studies. University of Melbourne. Melbourne. Australia.

Goriss-Hunter, A. & Burke, J. Mobilizing a lens of inclusivity within Initial Teacher Education. Teacher Education IN and For Uncertain Times, 2018 ATEA and TEFANZ Conference, Melbourne.

Mansfield, C., McGraw, A., McDonough, S., Crosswell, L., Weatherby-Fell, Morrison, C. (2017, November). Resilience in teacher education: Responding to unique challenges by staying BRITE. Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE), Canberra

Mehana, M. (2018, July). Global inclusive education in early childhood: Too little, too late? Paper presented at the meeting of the World Federation of Associations for Teacher Education (WFATE) Fifth Biennial Conference, Melbourne, Australia.

Robertson, D. (2017, 23 November). Inclusive teaching in HPE: The what, the why and the how. 2017 ACHPER  Conference, Monash University Melbourne.

Smith, P. (2017). The barriers to a student living with disability completing an HDR (Higher Degree by Research) qualification at an Australian University. The Inclusive Education Summit (TIES), Adelaide, SA.