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SJIDE current research

Diverse practices: Australian academics investigate their journeys in contemporary universities.

Researchers: Dr Anitra Goriss-Hunter (FedUni), Verity Archer (FedUni), James Arvanitakis (University of Western Sydney)

Project: The research project investigates diversity and identity among Australian academics. It examines how these factors impact approaches to teaching and learning as well as experiences of the workplace.

Ameliorating secondary school students’ disengagement from STEM through ICT. Addressing the moderating effects of gender, socioeconomic status, and ethnicity on young peoples’ ICT self-efficacy.

Researchers: Dr Anitra Goriss-Hunter (FedUni), Associate Professor Dean Cooley (FedUni), Associate Professor Richard Dazeley (Deakin), Adele Echter (FedUni) and Sally Firmin (FedUni).

Project: The project investigates how diverse groups of secondary school students respond to current learning and teaching approaches in the broad field of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) by a focus on one of its crucial elements -ICTs.

Culture Change in Early Childhood Education & Practice in Long Day Care Association of Graduates in Early Childhood Services (AGECS).

Researchers: Dr Sue Emmett, Professor Andrea Nolan, Dr Anne Marie Morrissey. (2017-2018)

Navigating Changing Times: Exploring teacher educator embodied experiences of resilienceAustralian Association for Research in Education (AARE) Strategic Grants.

Researchers: Dr Lisa Papaitrainou (CI), Dr Al Strangeways, Associate Professor Caroline Mansfield, Dr Sharon McDonough, Denis Beutel (2017-2019).

Toora-Welshpool Oral Literacy Birth –Year 6 project.

Researchers: Dr Sue Plowright, & Dr Cheryl Glowrey

FedUni Discovery Club (FedUni HEPPP funding)

Researcher: Associate Professor Margaret Plunkett (2017).

Project: This project aims to raise understanding of and aspiration for tertiary education options for rural/regional primary school students.

Understanding the effectiveness of inclusive public play spaces in addressing exclusion to play encountered by children with disabilities.

Researchers: Dr Lisa Stafford (QUT), Associate Professor Jenene Burke (Fed Uni), Professor Simon Darcy (UTS), Professor Stuart Trost (QUT), and The Touched by Olivia Foundation.

Project: This pilot study aims to help establish the effectiveness of inclusive play spaces in facilitating participation in play for users with diverse abilities. This post-occupancy investigation, will identify the key factors and strategies that are supporting children’s participation in play in inclusive play environments. A seed grant, as a Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation Pilot Data Scheme project, permits this topic to be studied intensively, and initially on a small scale, across three play spaces sites in three Australian states.

Will I stay or will I go … regional, rural, remote? Addressing teacher shortages through a framework for attracting, supporting and retaining graduate teachers.  

Researchers: Burke, J., Brandenburg, R., Plunkett, M., Glowrey, C., Goriss-Hunter, A., McGraw, A., Echter, A., Wines, C., Schmidt, B., Davis, S. 2019-2020. DET, State Government of Victoria.

The Pizzicato Effect in the City of Hume.

Researchers: Burke, Jenene., Smith, Jeremy., Chew, Richard., Mehana, Majida., & Echter, Adele. 2019. Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.