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School of Education

QUITE current research

Ameliorating Regional and Rural Beginning Teacher Turnover Rates

Researchers: Associate Professor Dean Cooley (CI), Associate Professor Margaret Plunkett, Dr. Peter Sellings, Linda MacGregor

Project summary: Beginning teachers, those within their first 4 years of initial teaching contact, exhibit turnover rates between 30 for urban and 50 per cent for regional and rural schools.  For regional and rural schools this high turnover rate negatively impacts on delivery of educational services, loss of investment, educational outcomes, increase in student teacher ratios, and loss of expertise in the workforce. In capital costs, this equates to approximate $25 000 per replacement because of the difficulty in attracting replacements to regional and rural areas. This project builds on a successful project with undergraduate teachers by implementing a specific model of professional induction to beginning teachers in regional and rural schools to mediate their key attitudes associated with intention to remain and satisfaction with teaching.

Navigating Changing Times: Exploring teacher educator embodied experiences of resilience.

Researchers: Lisa Papaitrainou (CI)(CDU), Al Strangeways (CDU), Caroline Mansfield (Murdoch), Sharon McDonough (FedUni), Denise Beutel (QUT).

Project summary: This project capitalises on the successful implementation of the National Learning and Teaching Fellowship led by A/Prof Caroline Mansfield, which enacted strategic change in teacher education curriculum by embedding contextually responsive approaches within pre-service education in order to build beginning teachers’ capacity for resilience. This project will further the mobilisation of this well established network, which consists of six Australian universities and 14 collaborators from all Australian States and Territories, to extend, share, and plan research activities that promote the health and well-being of teacher educators. At the conclusion of this fellowship, Dr Papatraianou and Dr Strangeways gathered pilot data from all partnering universities (using embodied methodologies). This pilot data will inform and guide the proposed research project, building upon these preliminary findings to develop a framework for building and sustaining teacher educator resilience. Whilst teacher educators are the primary target audience, this project has the capacity to broaden into other disciplines.