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Upcoming event

PeCALE virtual symposium 2021

How research and practice inform each other – The multiple facets of pedagogy and curriculum

This event aims to share research and build collaboration in relation to pedagogy, curriculum, assessment, and learner engagement across diverse subject areas and educational settings.

The symposium will take place virtually via MS TEAMS on 10 December 2021.

Call for Abstracts

PeCALE invites you to submit an Abstract for Presentation for the PeCALE 2021 symposium.

Submission deadline: Sunday 7 November
Successful applicants notified: Friday 19 November

Presentation format: 20 min oral presentation –15-minute presentation and 5-minute question time

Online Submission for Abstracts

Event Registration

Coming soon

Registration closes: Friday 3rd December

Past events

PeCALE virtual symposium 2020

Education in precarious times - Reimagining pedagogy and learner engagement

This event aims to share research and build collaboration in relation to pedagogy, curriculum, assessment and learner engagement within diverse formal and informal educational contexts.

The symposium took place virtually via MS TEAMS on 11 December 2020.

View the program (pdf, 367kb)

Reimagining technology in education

View and download the December 2019 Gippsland symposium handbook (pdf, 530kb)

View and download December 2019 Gippsland Symposium slides

Three practical methods of teaching (Heather Ernst)
A recipe to develop learning competence (Anna Fletcher) 
Globalising classrooms (Bronwyn Joyce)
Feedback for pre-service teachers (Caroline Nagy and Gun Wedding)
VR reality (Bruce Schmidt and Chris Wines) (pdf, 2.8MB)
A brainsmart trust (Gun Wedding)

Supporting thinking with different age groups

View and download the July 2019 Berwick symposium handbook (pdf. 350kb)

View and download Berwick symposium slides

Claire McLachlan

Practical applications of thinking routines and strategies in teaching innovations

View and download the 2018 symposium handbook (pdf, 765kb)

View and download symposium slides:

Anna Fletcher (pdf, 1.25MB)
Di Harrison and Bronwyn Joyce (pdf, 1.29MB)
Hongming Ma (pdf, 498kb)
Bruce Schmidt and Chris Wines (pdf, 616kb)
Peter Sellings and Naomi Nelson (pdf, 1.45MB)

Anki Wennergren and Fredrik Thornberg (pdf, 289kb)

Regular PeCALE meetings

Online meetings for PeCALE researchers are scheduled every six weeks. Please contact the convenor, Dr Hongming Ma if you are interested in attending.