School of Arts

Professor Erik Eklund

Position: Professor
Study area: History and regional studies 
Location: Gippsland Campus, Building 1E Room 219 
Phone: (03) 5122 6296


  • Doctor of Philosophy - University of Sydney - 1995
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) - University of Sydney - 1989


Professor Erik Eklund holds a chair in Australian history. In 2015 and 2016 he completed a term as the Keith Cameron Chair in Australian History at University College Dublin. He was Associate Dean Research for the School of Arts from 2018 through to 2019.

He was a former Head of School and Deputy Pro Vice Chancellor at Monash University, and has held appointments at the University of Newcastle, Georgetown University in Washington DC, and at the ANU as a Visiting Fellow. He was the joint winner of the Labour History Prize for the best article in that journal in the period 2012 to 2013, and was awarded the New South Wales Premier’s Prize for Regional and Community History in 2003, for his book 2002 Steel Town.

Areas of expertise

Erik’s current research covers a range of topics in Australian, British, and world history. He has a particular interest in labour history and regional history covering themes such as industrial heritage, social policy history, oral history and memory, deindustrialisation and comparative regional histories.

Erik’s work is marked by a series of successful collaborations with Australian and international scholars from a range of backgrounds and disciplines. Much of his work in regional history has involved in-depth and productive collaborations with community groups, local Councils, and historical societies.

Research interests

  • Labour history
  • Regional and social history
  • Heritage studies
  • Social policy history
  • Mining history
  • Environmental history
  • Regional studies


Erik has supervised 10 PhDs and more than 11 MA students through to completion and examined more than 8 MAs and PhDs from Australian and international universities.

Current FedUni principal supervisions:

Ann Collins, 'Chemists and engineers in the Australian pulp & paper industry between 1920 and 1950 – growing an industry with collaborative innovation.' PhD

Jan Jones, ‘A History of Midwifes in Victoria, with special reference to Gippsland, 1900 to 1970’. PhD

Ron Lambert, ‘A comparative history of the introduction of mechanised harvesting into softwood forests and plantations in Scandinavia and Australia 1975 to 1988’. PhD

Ian Hamilton, ‘Success Stories of Indigenous Australians’. PhD

Jennifer McCoy, ‘The social history of white settlement in the far eastern high country of Victoria, 1860 to 1890, with special reference to the role of Scottish migrants, exploring regional development through land settlement.’ PhD

Judy Rochow, ‘Hidden strength: The nature and contributions of the permanent military and naval personnel to the Colony of Victoria’s Defence Forces and their impact on the early Commonwealth Defence Forces’. MA

Ray Jelley, 'Patterns of Female Landownership in Victoria, 1860 to 1905.' MA



Mining Towns: making a living, making a lifeUNSW Press, Sydney, 2012, pp.1-420, PB, ISBN 9781742233529

The Living History of Fort Scratchley (with Julie McIntyre), University of Newcastle/Newcastle City Council, Newcastle, 2008. ISBN 978190701901

The Making of a Nation: selected readings in colonial Australia. Co-edited with Dr Martin Crotty, Tertiary Press, Melbourne, 2003, pp.1-640, PB, ISBN 0 86458 349 4 (reprinted with corrections in 2004)

Steel Town: The making and breaking of Port Kembla. Melbourne University Press, Melbourne, 2002, pp.1-248 HB, 21 b&w illustrations, 3 maps, 7 tables ISBN 0-522-85026-X A1 (republished as an E-book in 2013)

Copper Community: a history of ER&S/Southern Copper Ltd, Port Kembla, University of Wollongong Press, Wollongong, 2000, pp.1-113, 95 b&w illustrations, 21 colour photos, PB, ISBN 0 86418 678 9 (with Maree Murray)

Edited books

The State of Welfare: Comparative Studies of the Welfare State at the End of the Long Boom, 1965 to 1980(co-edited with Melanie Oppenheimer & Joanne Scott). Peter Lang, Oxford (UK)

Earth and Industry: Stories from Gippsland (co-edited with Julie Fenley), Monash University Press, Melbourne, 2015

J. Bennett & N. Cushing, E. Eklund (eds), Radical Newcastle (co-edited with James Bennett & Nancy Cushing), New South Publishing, Sydney, 2015.

Book chapters

‘Global and Local Interactions: The Great War, global trade, and community impacts in the Australian copper mining industry, 1900 to 1920’. In Duncan Money, Robert Declercq & Hans Otto Frøland eds. Born with a Copper Spoon. A global history of copper and how it fed the modern world, 1830-1980. University of British Colombia Press, Vancouver, 2021

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‘Towards a New Environmental History of Gippsland’ I(with Julie Fenley) In Earth and Industry: Stories from Gippsland (Eklund & Fenley eds), Monash University Press, Melbourne, 2015

‘Afterward’ (with Julie Fenley) in Earth and Industry: Stories from Gippsland (Eklund & Fenley eds), Monash University Press, Melbourne, 2015

‘Radical Protest in Newcastle, Australia in the late nineteenth century’ (n J. Bennett & N. Cushing & E. Eklund (eds), Radical Newcastle. New South, Sydney, 2015

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Refereed journal articles

’Industrial heritage agents and outcomes: case studies from Broken Hill and the Latrobe Valley’. Journal of Australian Studies (with Antoinette Holm & Keir Reeves), forthcoming, 2021.

‘The dreaded pneumonic influenza has made its appearance amongst us’: The Influenza Pandemic of 1918-19 in Gippsland, Victoria’. Australian Historical Studies, 2021.

‘A Post-Carbon Future? Narratives of Change and Identity in the Latrobe Valley, Australia’. BIOS. Zeitschrift für Biographieforschung und Oral History [Journal of Biography Research, Oral History and Life Course Analysis], Jg. 31, Nr. 2-2018. [published 30 October, 2020. With Antoinette Holm].

‘Forum: Industrial sites and immigrant architectures. A case study approach’, Anoma PierisMirjana LozanovskaAlexandra DelliosRenee Miller-YeamanErik EklundDavid BeynonRichard Tuffin, FabricationsVolume 29, 2019 - Issue 2. Published Online: 30 May 2019.

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Selected external grants

Australian Research Council Discovery Grant: ‘A Bold Experiment?: A historical evaluation of the Australian Assistance Plan, and its regional impact’. ARC DP150103022 with Prof Melanie Oppenheimer, Flinders, CI1 & Professor Joanne Scott, University of the Sunshine Coast, C3.

Australian Research Council Discovery Grant, (sole CI Erik Eklund) ‘Frontiers of Labour: Identity and Belonging in Australian mining and industrial towns’ (2005-2008. DP0556725)

NSW Heritage Office Heritage Incentives Programme, Promoting and Resourcing Coal River, Newcastle (2006-2007)

University of Newcastle Collaborative Research Grant in partnership with Newcastle City Council, (2005 with Dr Phillip McIntyre as CI2 and Susan Kerrigan as PhD Student)

Newcastle City Council, Preliminary study into the location of the first convict-coal mines of Newcastle (2003-2005)

Awards, honours and select invited presentations

Centenary of Armistice Public Lecture, Traralgon Performing Arts Centre, 4 November 2018.

ANZAC Day Address, Grangegorman Cemetery, Dublin, 2015 & 2016

‘Mining Towns: pathways, connections and cultures’, The Outback Oration: Broken Hill Public Lecture, Monash National Centre for Australian Studies, 29 March, 2014

Joint winner of the Labour History Prize, 2013(with co-author Paul Adams)

‘Victoria’s role in the history of Australian mining’, La Trobe University – Bendigo Campus, 29 August, 2013

‘Towards a new history of Newcastle and the Hunter Region’,Newcastle Hunter Studies Symposium, Newcastle Art Gallery/Humanities Research Institute - University of Newcastle, Newcastle, 9 May, 2013

‘The Problem of Belonging: contested country in Australian local history’,Victoria County House International Symposium on Local History, London, 2010 (50% with Frank Bongiorno)

Localities, local history and knowledge production - Accessing vernacular history in Australia beyond the capital cities’, Victoria County House International Symposium on Local History, 2009, London, 6-8 July 2009

Australian Academy of Humanities Travelling Fellowship, 2001

New South Wales Premier’s History Prize for Regional and Community History, 2003 (for Steel Town)


  • Australian Historical Association
  • Australian Society for the Study of Labour History
  • Australasian Mining History Association