School of Arts

Naomi Smith

Position: Program Leader, Bachelor of Arts (Hons), Lecturer
Study area: Humanities and Social Sciences
Location: Gippsland Campus, Room 1e232
Phone: 5122 6589


Doctor of Philosophy – The University of Queensland - 2015

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) – The University of Queensland - 2009



  • Bachelor of Arts (Sociology)


  • Work and Technology (ATSGC 2733/3733)
  • Making Sense of the Social World (ATSGC3855)
  • Sociology of Deviance (ATSGC2734/3734)


Naomi is a sociologist working in the School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. Naomi joined Federation University Australia in 2015. She is currently the program leader for the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) program in the Faculty of Education and Arts. Prior to this Naomi was a PhD student and sessional academic staff member at the University of Queensland.

Areas of expertise

Naomi is predominantly a digital sociologist working across a variety of areas. Her research focuses on how web-based technologies are part of our social world. Naomi’s PhD thesis explored the ways in which Facebook is created as a space and how this space is produced through the presentation of the self and the friendships that Facebook contains. She has also published on the ways in which online communities mediate our experience of the body. She is also interested in the ways in which physical spaces are co-produced with digital technologies. Naomi’s research interests can be slotted into two categories:

(1) Space, place and governance

(2) Social media and embodied practices

Research interests

  • Urban sociology
  • Digital sociology
  • Embodiment and social media
  • Social theory


Present doctoral students.

Linda Morella – “Why do men kill their children in the context of separation?” - Associated Supervisor

Margarita Dimakysan- "Rethinking terrorism: youth radicalisation in an Australian context" - Associate Supervisor

Jacqueline Lewis “Examining Minor Fraud in Australia” - Associate Supervisor

Fran Galluci – “Emergent Technology in Drug Crimes” – Associate Supervisor


Referred journal articles

Smith, N., Wickes, R. and Underwood, M. (2015) “Managing a marginalised identity in pro-anorexia and fat acceptance cyber communities”, Journal of Sociology, 51(4): 950-967.


  • The Australian Sociological Association
  • Urban Sociology Thematic Group
  • Cultural Sociology Thematic Group