School of Arts

Dr Linda Wight


Position: Senior Lecturer, Program Leader (Bachelor of Arts)
Study area: Literature and Screen Studies
Location: Mt Helen Campus, H Building, Room 241
Phone: 5327 9705


Doctor of Philosophy- James Cook University - 2010
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Central Queensland University - 2002
Graduate Diploma Education (Secondary) Monash University - 2000
Bachelor of Arts - Monash University - 1998



Bachelor of Arts

Study areas

  • Texts, Creativity and Cultures
  • Literature
  • Media and Screen Studies


Linda is a Senior Lecturer working in the School of Arts, and Program Leader of the Bachelor of Arts. Linda completed her PhD at James Cook University in 2010, examining the construction of images of men and masculinities in recent science fiction texts. She is currently continuing her research into depictions of masculinities in science fiction, fantasy and other popular genres of literature and film. In 2011, Linda joined Federation University teaching in Literature and Media and Screen Studies. Her research informs her teaching which focuses on contemporary popular genres including fantasy, science fiction, horror, children's literature and young adult fiction, and issues of gender and sexuality

Areas of expertise

  • Science fiction and fantasy literature and film
  • Masculinities studies
  • Gender and sexuality studies

Research interests

  • Men and masculinities in science fiction and fantasy
  • Masculinities in film
  • Queer theory and performative theories of gender
  • The James Bond film series



Chloe Benson, “Bi What Means: Paratextual and Filmic Representations of Bisexuality in Contemporary Cinema.” Associate supervisor. PhD.


Caitlin Herington, “Beyond the Princess, the Priestess and the Galactic Kitchen Sink: Reformulation of Feminine Roles in Certain Works of Lois McMaster Bujold.” Principal supervisor. PhD.

Dominic Williams. “Reading Reality: From Expressionism to Reading in Immanence.” Associate supervisor. PhD.

Kirstyn McDermott. “Never Afters: Female Cooperation, Collaboration and Comradeship in Contemporary Fairy Tale Narratives by Women.” Associate supervisor. PhD.

Cale Hellyer. “Fulcian Incubi: The Nightmarish Depiction of Children and Youth in the Films of Lucio Fulci.” Associate supervisor. PhD.

Adrian Marshall. “Examination of virtual and augmented reality technology and its impact on the human experience of 'Being'.” Associated supervisor. PhD.

Jennifer O’Sullivan, “‘Beyond Home and Sex?’: Gender and Sexuality in Elizabeth Moon’s Paksworld Series.” Associate supervisor. Masters


Book chapters

Wight, Linda. "Learning to be Men: Masculinities, Pedagogy and Science Fiction." The Pedagogies of Cultural Studies. Ed. Andrew Hickey. New York; London: Routledge, 2016. 39-50. Print.

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Refereed journal articles

Wight, Linda and Nicole Gadd. “Sublime and Grotesque: The Aesthetic Development of Weird Fiction in the Work of H. P. Lovecraft and China Mieville.” Revista Abusoes 4.4 (2017). Web.

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Non-Refereed journal articles

Wight, Linda. "'Old Dog, New Tricks': Resurrecting James Bond in Skyfall." Bright Lights Film Journal. 14 April 2014. Web.

Refereed conference proceedings

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  • Science Fiction Research Association
  • International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts
  • Centre for Research on Men and Masculinities