School of Arts

Dr Rachel Hale

Position: Lecturer
Student Area: Criminal Justice
Location: Berwick Campus, 901 Level 2
Phone: 5122 6027


Doctor of Philosophy - Monash University - 2014

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) - Monash University - 2009

Certificate IV Government Investigations - ICETS - 2017



  • Bachelor of Criminal Justice (HJ5)


  • Explanations of crime (CRJUS1287)
  • Policing in practice (CRJUS2474)
  • Punishment, penalty and rehabilitation (CRJUS2300)
  • Crime in contemporary practice (CRJUS1286)


Dr Rachel Hale is a Criminologist and qualified Government investigator with experience in both academia and the Victorian public service across the justice and human services sectors. Rachel has delivered education in Criminology at various institutions prior to joining Federation University, including the Navitas College of Public Safety, Deakin and Monash universities. In 2016, as a Research Fellow at the Melbourne Social Equity Institute - University of Melbourne, Rachel successfully managed a research project entitled ‘Consumer transactions: Equitable support models for individuals with decision-making impairment’ engaging leading banks, telcos, and insurance agencies in research to make the experience of relatively vulnerable consumers more equitable. Some of Rachel’s most challenging work was undertaken in the oversight of prisons and disability services wherein she investigated abuse, neglect, and deaths of persons in receipt of state services, handing down recommendations to improve service delivery with the aim of preventing incidents of a similar nature from occurring again. Drawing on her background in Performing Arts (dance) Rachel developed the first hip-hop dance program to be offered to young women incarcerated and remanded at the Parkville Youth Justice Centre in her role as a Custodial Role Model. The accumulation of these experiences enables Rachel to prepare students to research and work within the Criminal Justice system.

Areas of expertise

Rachel possesses expertise in qualitative research methods, specifically relating to the examination of women’s experiences of the Criminal Justice system. She has strong theoretical expertise in Criminology particularly regarding explanations of desistance from crime (stopping offending). Given her prior experience working in and researching the adult corrections system she possesses expertise in the nature and function of prisons in Australia, extending also to the functioning of Juvenile detention and Post-sentence Monitoring facilities. Rachel was previously employed as a Senior advisor for Victoria Police to address sexism, gender inequality, and predatory behaviour within the force.

Research interests

Rachel has interest in the following research areas:

  • Gender and the criminal (in) justice system
  • Incarceration and desistance from crime (qualitative research)
  • The contradictory and criminogenic nature of corrections (publication in development)
  • Reintegration following imprisonment (publication in development)
  • Abuse and neglect of persons with disability (investigations)
  • Organisational  culture and sexism (related to criminal justice agencies)



Hale, R., McSherry, B., Paterson, J., Brophy, L., and Arstein-Kerslake, A, (2017) Consumer Transactions: Equitable Support Models for Individuals with Decision-making Impairments. Melbourne: University of Melbourne


  • Australian and New Zealand Society of Evidence Based Policing