School of Arts

Dr Jane Mummery

Position: Senior Lecturer
Study area: Humanities and Social Sciences
Location: Mt Helen Campus, H Building, Room 127
Phone: 5327 9627


Doctor of Philosophy - Murdoch University - 2001

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) - Murdoch University - 1992



  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours)


  • Applied Ethics in Contemporary Societies (BAXDC2004)
  • Foundations of Knowledge (FEAFN1101)
  • Knowledge & Reality (BAPHL2002/3002)


Jane is a philosopher and cultural theorist working in the School of Arts. Jane joined Federation University Australia in 2005 (when it was the University of Ballarat). Previous to this, Jane worked at Edith Cowan University, and also lectured at Curtin University and Murdoch University. She also taught for several years for Open Universities Australia. At these institutions she has taught a mix of philosophy, cultural studies, media studies and sustainability. She is on the Advisory Board of the Australasian Consortium of Humanities Research Centres, and co-chairs their national initiative and network, Humanities in the Regions. In these roles she has co-convened multiple conferences and workshops across Australia. Jane has previously been general editor of the journal Borderlands, and has edited multiple issues for this journal and for Ctrl-Z New Media Philosophy.

Areas of expertise

Jane is both a philosopher and cultural theorist mainly working in the borderlands between ethico-political philosophy, social theory and cultural studies, and with particular interests in examining the ethical and political dimensions of everyday life across its multiple domains. While Jane writes, publishes and supervises research projects across a variety of areas, working both as a solo and collaborative researcher, her research interests can be slotted into three main categories.

Identity, Being-in-the-world and Social Change

Informed by her expertise in modern and post-foundational ethico-political philosophy, Jane’s research into questions of identity, being-in-the-world and social change examines human understandings of and attitudes towards who and how one should be in the context of complex dynamic societies and wicked socio-cultural problems. How people understand their engagements in communities and also with the more-than-human world is important here.

Post-Foundational Philosophy and Theory

Although much of Jane’s work in the past years has been focused on bringing post-foundational philosophy and theory into application and practice, she still carries out research in conceptual and theory development. She is particularly interested in ethical-political concept development and in developing the post-foundational commitments of qualitative research methodologies.

Pedagogies for Complex Societies and Wicked Problems

Given her strong commitments to examining her own practices and responsibilities as a higher education teacher in complex societies facing wicked socio-cultural problems, Jane is also a researcher in educational pedagogy. In this field she examines issues around the development of students’ critical and ethical capacities and skills, and their gaining, through their higher education studies, such attributes as leadership and citizenship.

Research interests

  • Ethical and political dimensions of contemporary everyday life (identity and practice)
  • Social change theory and practice; social justice; activism
  • Modern and post-foundational moral and political philosophies and applied ethics
  • Feminist philosophies
  • Teaching theory and practice for complex societies


Current doctoral students

Eileen Clements (FedUni) – “In the Name of the Mother and the Daughter… Rethinking Feminist Values and Feminist Subjectivity through the Re-mything and Re(dis)covery of Love” – Principal Supervisor

Dominic Williams (FedUni) – “Immanent Reading in Speculation: Deleuzian Expressionism and the Problems of Reading” – Principal Supervisor

Ben Nunquam (FedUni) – “Excursions in the Dyadic: The Significance of Atomism for Thinking the Event and Technology” – Principal Supervisor

Karen Pruis (FedUni) – “The Lived Experience of Chinese Students Communicating in English with the Assistance of Native English Speakers in a Study Abroad Context” – Principal Supervisor

Clare Cole (Victoria) – “Unpacking Advocacy within Contemporary Nursing” – Principal Supervisor

Adrian Marshall (FedUni) – “Examination of Virtual and Augmented Reality Technology and its Impact on the Human Experience of 'Being'” – Principal Supervisor

Karen Felstead (FedUni) - “Public and Personal Discourses: How 'Teenage Mothers' Construct their Parenting Practices with their Pre-Schoolers” – Associate Supervisor

Completed doctoral students

Terry Eyssens – “Without Rulers: A Politics for Politics’ Sake” – Principal Supervisor

Erika Gaudlitz – “Schizoanalytic Literary Pragmatics” – Principal Supervisor

Blake Peck – “A Hermeneutic Constructivist Approach to Understanding Personal Realities” – Principal Supervisor

Richard Hammond – “Misogynology and the Impossibility of Dwelling” – Principal Supervisor

Cassie Pedersen – “The Immanence of Traumatic Rupture: From the Extra/Ordinary to the Originary” – Principal Supervisor



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Book chapters

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  • Australasian Consortium of Humanities Research Centres (ACHRC) Advisory Board 2013 - Present
  • Australasian Consortium of Humanities Research Centres (ACHRC) Co-Chair of Humanities in the Regions 2014 - Present
  • Society for the History of Emotions
  • Australasian Animal Studies Association
  • Australasian Society for Continental Philosophy
  • Society for Women in Philosophy
  • Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia