School of Arts

Dr Joanie Smith

Position: Lecturer
Study area: Community and Human Services
Location: Gippsland Campus, Room 1E120
Phone: 5122 8345


  • Doctor of Philosophy - University of Melbourne - 2013
  • Graduate Diploma in Education - Monash University - 2005
  • Master of Social work - Monash University - 2000
  • Bachelor of Arts History Politics - Monash University - 1993
  • Associate Diploma Welfare Studies Gippsland Institute of Advanced Education - 1985



  • Bachelor of Community and Human Services Undergraduate


  • Ethics and Values for Professional Practice CHSUG 3004
  • Social Policy and Social Change CHSUG 2004
  • Models of Case Management CHSUG 2004
  • Theories and Models for Practice CHSUG 1003
  • Research in the Social Sciences FEAFN 3001
  • Field Placement CHSUG 3005
  • Health and Well-being in Diverse Communities  CHSUG 3003
  • Social Research Methods BADX 3001
  • Governing Inequality ATSGC 1361
  • Human Services Management and Practice ATSGC 3840


Dr Joanie Smith has a background in social and community work. She has spent more than twenty years in the Human Services sector working in youth work, family violence, and the disability field. Joanie also worked in youth outreach and in community development. Dr Smith has taught at the University in Gippsland for nearly twenty years. She has an undergraduate in Social Welfare, a BA in History/Politics, a Post Grad in Secondary Teaching, a Masters and PhD in Social work, the latter focussing on family violence

Areas of expertise

1. Youth, homelessness and crisis intervention

Joanie has extensive experience in youth in particular in the area of youth homelessness and crisis intervention work. The focus in this work was on family reunification and/or transition to successful independent living. Joanie has a strong commitment to young people, women and children and has taught extensively on gender and gender violence.

2. Family violence and Men’s behaviours Change

Joanie has undertaken research and teaching in partnership with the University of Melbourne and Monash university in family violence in particular in the Men’s’ Behaviour change area. Her recent research and publication has examined the interplay between men who use violence and their interaction with Child protection. This research and publication focuses on resolving the dilemmas of protecting children and supporting women's efforts to keep families intact and free from violence Joanie has also published on the place of contact support programs in Mens’ behaviour change.

3. Trauma Informed practice human rights and refugees

Joanie has undertaken considerable training in the impact of trauma and has developed training modules for the workplace in trauma informed a practice. This training and teaching directly informs Joanie’s other main area of interest in human rights in particular refugees and working with diverse communities.

Research interests

  • Family violence
  • Child protection
  • Youth
  • Trauma informed practice
  • Education and empowerment
  • Refugees and migrant communities


Present doctoral student

Alison Fonseca: Do helping professionals who are parents, perceive their relationships with their children to be impacted by work-related traumatic stress? If so, in what ways?  (Associate Supervisor).


Book chapters

Smith, J. (2017) “Families and Communities” in Berends and Crinall, Community and Human Services: New Frameworks for Practice. Oxford University Press

Refereed journal articles

Smith, J. Humphreys, C. (2018), ‘Child protection and fathering where there is domestic violence: contradictions and consequences’. Child and Family Social Work 24: pp156 - 163 Special Edition.

Smith, J. Humphreys, C. and Laming, C. (2013). ‘The central place of women’s support and partner contact in men’s behaviour change programs’. Ending Men’s Violence Against Women and Children - The No To Violence journal Spring 2013. pp 7 - 28

Diemer, K. Humphreys, C. Laming, C. & Smith, J. (2013) ‘Researching collaborative processes in domestic violence perpetrator programs: benchmarking for situation improvement’. Journal of Social Work. Vol 15 Issue 1 2015

Smith, J. G, Industry Partner/ Heads of Government PhD Summary Report. (2013) ‘Experiences of Consequences, Accountability and Responsibility by Men for their Violence Against Women and their Children’ Victorian Government

Refereed conference proceedings/Other

Smith, J. (2014) Men’s behaviour change programs. A literature review.SAFER WEBSITE 2014.


Collis, M. D'Urbano, T. and Smith J. (2004) ‘What price wisdom’.GRIS Monash University 2004.

Smith, J. and D'Urbano, T. (2003) Don’t Stuff it up. Community consultation into awareness and perceptions of advertising campaigns.GRIS Monash University

Smith, J. (2001) ‘Client satisfaction with Commonwealth Rehabilitation Service: Quality program reform’ CRS Australia/ GRIS Monash University 2001

Crinall, K. and Smith J. (2003) Unmet need in homeless services. GRIS Monash University

Crinall, K. and Smith J. (May 2001) Assessment and referral for homelessness services in the Gippsland Region.GRIS Monash University.


  • Gippsland Family Violence Alliance
  • Clemente Community Partnership Group
  • Latrobe Community Choir and Choir of Hard Knocks