School of Arts

Dr Julie Reed Henderson

Position: Lecturer
Study area: Fine Art
Location: Gippsland Campus, Room 16_113a
Phone: (03) 512 26050


Graduate Certificate in Higher Education -2013

Doctor of Philosophy – University of South Australia – 2011

Graduate Diploma of Fine Arts -Glasgow School of Art Glasgow University -2005

Master of Visual Art - University of South Australia -2001

Bachelor of Visual Art (Honours 1) – University of South Australia –1996

Diploma of Education EC- University of South Australia -1980



  • Bachelor of Arts (Creative Arts) (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts


  • Honours Studio Project A (AABCA 4023)
  • Honours Studio Project B (AABCA 4024)
  • Visual Art Practice Studio 4 (VASAP 2004)
  • Visual Art Practice Studio 6 (VASAP 3006)
  • Visual Art Practice Studio 5 (VASAP 3005)
  • Visual Art Professional Art Practice (VAPAP 3005)
  • Contemporary Issues in Visual Culture  (VATHR 3016)
  • Popular Culture in Contemporary art and Design (VATHR 3015)
  • Art and Design: Post War to Postmodern (VATHR 2014)
  • Modernism in Art and Design (VATHR 2013)
  • Drawing 2 (VAMIN 1003)


Dr Julie Reed Henderson is an Australian conceptual artist working across art and science disciplines and media. She is currently a lecturer and program coordinator of the Bachelor of Fine Art, in the Art Academy Gippsland.
Reed Henderson received her doctorate in practice-led research in December 2011 and was studio head of sculpture and installation and a lecturer in honours and postgraduate studies at the University of South Australia in 2012-2015. She established and coordinated the new Bachelor of Creative Arts Visual Arts Honours for Flinders University in 2015-2018.
Reed Henderson was a recipient of an Anne & Gordon Samstag Scholarship (2004-5) undertaking a Master of Fine Art in Glasgow School of Art and exhibiting beyond in Europe. She has exhibited nationally and in Sweden, Austria, China, Philippines, and Scotland.

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Areas of expertise

Julie Reed Henderson’s expanded art practice explores the influence of time, attention and relationship through durational forms. Her performance, moving image and installation works are informed by experience as a contemporary dancer. Often featuring sound/music aspects the work draws on the influences of everyday sensory and social encounters. The practice is situated both within and beyond art and institutional contexts prioritising cosmopolitan relations and user-ship.

Her interdisciplinary research investigates the ways in which art can contribute to an ‘ecology of practice’ being both a user-driven event in the world and through its aesthetic/sensory qualities; a category once removed.

In the work, surprising conjunctions mobilise and value anachronistic and forgotten details or allow one to chance upon a new kind of dynamic attention such that the molecular or insignificant becomes an agent of pivotal renewal and consequence.

Research interests

  • Expanded Spatial Art Practice/ Installation as Agency /Interdisciplinarity
  • Art as Work, Art and Usership, Post-production
  • Art as Ecology of Practice/ Processes of change and innovation in art
  • Material Ontologies /Vital Materialism / Artist as Eccentric Archivist
  • Digital and Analogue relationships in art/ Media archaeologies



Matthew Huppatz (PhD), Inside—outside—passing—through: queer passages in a contemporary sculpture-based practice - Principal Supervisor

Sera Torchio-Waters (PhD) Genealogical Ghostscapes: unsettling settler colonial home-making legacies in South Australia - Associate Supervisor

Elizabeth Bevan-Parrella (PhD) Follow any path from A until B: useless gardens: gifted ecologies - Associate Supervisor

Cherie Redwood (PhD) Inside Out: The Holding. A study of the holding capacities of (the hand-eye relationship) visual arts practice - Associate Supervisor

Gail Hocking (MA) I wash my steps in butter: a journey into the space between - Principal Supervisor

Sasha Grbich (MA) Performative Encounters: making conversations with local worlds - Principal Supervisor

Alexandra Antic (MA) Mirroring echo: exploring the impossibility of wholeness and integration of personality - Associate Supervisor

Kelly Christobel (MA) Hidden in Plain Sight: an investigation of the walked Landscape and desire lines - Associate Supervisor

Riley O'Keefe (MA) Fragmenting Infinity: the limitless potential of Artistic Forms - Principal Supervisor


Books and catalogue essays

2018 Catalogue-Reciprocal art taking part, making place Sofie CorsoSister ARI- Adelaide

2016 Catalogue- Valley of Labours and Joys, Essay for Exhibition Landscape and Dissonance, Format Collective Adelaide

2011 Archival Drift: Attention, Performance and Affective Ecologies in Spatial Art Practice, doctoral thesis. (unpublished)

2011-12 Catalogue: the fake the take and the time of the artist, essay for Full Spectrum and Kontaktraum exhibition Joe Felber, Zurich

Journals and online publications

2016 Review of Peter Kennedy exhibition Resistance at AEAF for fine print art reviews online

2011 ‘Errand Workshop’review, Artlink: Contemporary Art of Australia and the Asia-Pacific, 31:4, 92.

Practice-led research exhibitions

2019- Political Dancer exhibition West Thebarton Art Space, Adelaide

2018- Public Art Commission Leigh St, Adelaide City Council

2016-2017 ONE 7 IOTA- Trans-disciplinary performance- new movement, sound and objects Lion Arts Centre precinct-public performance direction and choreography with dancers & visual artists in collaboration Adelaide City Council Art and Culture Grant

2015 Strange Attractors in Climate Century with Vitalstatistix theatre company, supported Australia Council for the Arts 7 artists and consultant scientists, futurists and ecologists from Melbourne and Adelaide

2015 Felt PublicThunderer -Ephemeral Public Art project -Whitmore Square, Adelaide, Feltspace ARI

2015 . . . dot in Do it publication, curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist and Gillian Brown, Samstag Museum Adelaide

2013 Lean to /Line Made by Leaving, in Arte Magra, performance collaboration with Jude Walton & Aleks Danko Adelaide Botanical Gardens, Curator: Domenico de Clario, October 7/8, Australian Experimental Art Foundation

2013 until it looks like you in provisional states Contemporary Art Centre SA, Curator Logan McDonald

2013 the extent of the colony in Crystal Palace Flinders University City Gallery exhibition, Curator Lisa Harms

2012 Solo exhibition a universe of small truths Australian Experimental Art Foundation Curator Domenico de Clario

2012 Suspender in SafARI exhibition coinciding w Sydney Biennale, The Rocks, Curators Danielle Hobson & Nina Stromqvist

2011 notations for an unknown room installation, kinetic assemblage 2nd floor Malcolm Reid Building, Rundle St Adelaide -Doctoral project

2011 the slight surprise of action installation kinetic assemblage Liverpool Street Gallery, Hindley St Adelaide Doctoral project

2010...and this applied to rocks New New, CACSA survey show 200 Curators: Peter McKay & Alan Cruikshank

2010 Solo exhibition the slight surprise of action DVD, sound & installation assemblage, Light Square Gallery Curator: Yasmin Grass

2010 Air conditioner, sound, installation, small acts of tenderness & violence, Focus, Peel St Adelaide, Curator Lisa Harms

2010 having nothing to do with savagery installation in Heartlines Adelaide Festival Curator: Mary Knights

2007 Continuous wave: Forms for a dialogue -suite of 4 DVD, CD sound & performance works in There forever ephemeral public art Port Adelaide, Curators Dr Linda Marie Walker and Dr Steven Loo with 7 artists/writers

2005 Hype Man & illuminati, Glasgow School of Art MFA Show, Mackintosh Gallery, Glasgow UK

2005 Syncopations- Great Britain Art Now, Wetterling Gallery Stockholm, Curators Eveline Bernasconi, Ellen Wettmark

2003 Spin, DVD projection in Art Gallery of SA, Adelaide International Film Festival, Curator: Sarah Thomas

2002-Shortfall photographic print, in Installation Stills, Contemporary Centre for Photography, Melbourne,& CACSA

2001 25 Songs Choreography and 5 dance performances in Graz, Austria and Shanghai, China: collaboration with Swiss/Australian artist, Joe Felber & Sydney composer, Elliot Gyger.

2000 Between the Eyes Evil Shaved, Series of 6 collaborative performances with Kevin Henderson of Dundee, at Experimental Art Foundation, Telstra Adelaide Festival, Curator Christopher Chapman

2000 stumla, sound installation, 5th Baguio International Art Festival, Philippines, Curator: Santiago Bosé

Refereed conference proceedings

2015- so far still, still there: attention, performance, making, in Australian Experimental Art Foundation Performance Symposium curation Ann Marsh, Victorian College of the Arts Melbourne University and Nick Tsoutas.

2009 –Making Small Talk-Interdisciplinary Art Practice and the “Compulsive Unlikely” conference paper presentation in Expanded Spatial Practices Uni SA with Jane Rendell Bartlett School of Architecture University College, London

2009 Possibility over time- conference paper, Loughborough University, Leicestershire UK


  • Latrobe Regional Gallery Advisory Board
  • Gippsland Art Network, Sale
  • Public Art Network, Adelaide
  • West Gallery Thebarton, Adelaide
  • City of Adelaide Public Art selection Panels
  • Norwood /St Peters Public Art Selection Panels
  • Arts SA Grant Selection Panels/ Panel Convenor