School of Arts

Susan Walter

CRCAH doctoral candidate

Malmsbury bluestone and quarries: finding holes in history and heritage


Thesis research includes both a historical and geological study of former bluestone quarries and the structures created from the stone extracted. With a key research question being why was Malmsbury bluestone often described as being "famous" or the "standard of excellence", the current work is designed to determine if there are any specific characteristics which can distinguish the Malmsbury stone from other forms of bluestone. From the field work undertaken, core samples will be subjected to thin-slice analysis, chemical composition, and compressive strength tests. With a view to finding a non-destructive or low-impact means of accurately identifying a "fingerprint" for Malmsbury bluestone, the Magnetic Susceptibility of Malmsbury bluestone in quarries and buildings will also be measured. Given that Malmsbury bluestone was in use well before the development of standard geological testing of rocks and building stones, the thesis is also examining the history of the people who worked to identify, extract and work the stone to create the total pool of structures created with it, the skills and technology used and developed in the industry, and the economic impact of the industry on the town, in order to ask why these aspects of historic buildings stones and labour history are missing from the majority of history and heritage studies.


Susan Walter originally qualified as an Agricultural Scientist, and worked in the fields of Quality Assurance and Technical Management in horticulture and organic waste-management. After researching and writing up family history as a hobby, this expanded into an interest in local history through a desire to know more about her home landscape. This involved joining Malmsbury Historical Society, 86 km north-west of Melbourne, in 2002 and later taking on the challenge of managing their research services in 2006. After researching and writing local Malmsbury history on a voluntary basis, she is currently combining her passions for natural landscapes, science and researching land use history in a PhD thesis entitled Malmsbury Bluestone and Quarries: Finding Holes in History and Heritage.

This has subsequently led to an interest the history and heritage of buildings stones in Australia and overseas, the social and labour history of stonemasons and quarrymen and researching historic quarry sites.



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Journal articles

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Book chapters

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Research presentations

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