School of Arts

Sara Weuffen

CRCAH doctoral candidate

Your stories, my stories, our stories: power and knowledge in discourses of Australian history education and Koorie perspectives


Sara's thesis is concerned with understanding ways in which teachers engage local Aboriginal communities for inclusive teaching and learning programs of Year Nine Australian History classes. The research is conducted in two regional locations in Victoria. In the thesis Sara examines and discusses stories told by Aboriginal peoples within these locations; ways in which they view Australian history and ways in which their voices and perspectives are represented in localised accounts of the stories. Sara also examines and discusses stories told by Year Nine Australian History teachers to ascertain ways in which school systems and practices are designed to engage local Aboriginal peoples in teaching and learning programs of curriculum. Sara weaves these stories together to determine barriers that exist which prevent inclusive and genuine engagement of local Aboriginal voices and perspectives in the Year Nine Australian History curriculum, as well as the best practice models that may emerge from such discussions. To do so, Sara draws on post structuralism and Indigenous Standpoint Theory as the theoretical underpinnings of her research, and also draws on the notion of storytelling by which to present the thesis.

Journal papers and conference proceedings

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